Tolix Bench – Couples Seating

tolix bench
Replica Tolix Timber Bench Seat

The Tolix bench is one of the latest additions to our range of replica Tolix furniture. Both stylish and practical, this rustic timber bench seat is oozing with charm and personality.

Tolix is a well-known designer brand which dates back to the 1930s and was created by Xavier Pauchard, a steelworker who became a pioneer for galvanised metal products. He began by making metal products for the home and then rose to fame as his Tolix ‘A’ chair became an overnight success.

Our replica Tolix bench is made from sheet metal in the same way as the original Tolix furniture and powder coated with black matte paint. This protects the frame from marks and scratches. The tactile timber seat is made from varnished ash and looks beautiful against the black steel frame. You’ll also notice the addition of steel crossbars beneath the seat. Rumour has it that the ‘X’ shape stands for Xavier but it’s more likely that the steel struts were intended to add additional support.

Shipped ready assembled, the timber bench seat can also be stacked, which is handy when your storage is limited.

Where to use a timber bench

This bench seat would fit well into an industrial setting or even a farmhouse kitchen and could be used in a small recess paired with a solid timber table for a rustic farmhouse look. Alternatively, you could use it with any of our 800 x 1200 Tolix tables for a perfect match. With a variety of base and tabletop colours and patterns, it’s easy to create a bespoke and attractive dining space for couples sitting side by side.

Although this item is referred to as a timber bench, it could also be used as a low table which could be placed in front of a sofa or a couple of tub chairs for customers to place their drinks and food on. It’s sturdy and robust and well equipped to multi-task. In fact, multi-purpose furniture is one of the latest trends which café owners are embracing, and it’s not hard to see why.

Our replica Tolix bench would also fit well into a trendy loft apartment and could even be placed at the end of your bed to hold a breakfast tray. You’ll be pleased to know, too, that the legs of this bench seat are fitted with rubber glides so that they don’t mark or scratch your floor when the seat is moved.

We stock a wide range of replica Tolix furniture so why not head on over to our online store to take a look for yourself. All of our furniture is for commercial use and much of it has been AFRDI tested and passed with flying colours. If you’d like to see our Tolix bench close up, then we’d like to welcome you to our showrooms based in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.