Tolix Just Got More Comfortable

We’re great fans of Tolix chairs and stools but even we have to admit that they can feel hard and unyielding when you’re sat on them for a period of time. This is why we’re pleased to be able to introduce our customers to Tolix chairs with a built-in black PU cushion.

At the moment we have just red or white Tolix chairs with the cushion incorporated into the design, but depending on customer demand we hope to be stocking more colours. Not only does the addition of a cushion to this popular chair make for a more comfortable seating experience for customers but it also acts as a contrast to the framework to give the chairs an added wow factor.

Manufactured just like the original

For those of you who aren’t already acquainted with our replica Tolix chairs, you should be aware that they’re manufactured in the same way as the original Xavier Pauchard chair from steel, which is powder coated for additional strength, meaning you can achieve a designer look at a fraction of the price.

Some of their benefits include:

Lightweight and durable – Made from steel these chairs are lightweight and easy to move around as the needs of your business dictate but they’re also incredibly strong and robust. Even better, these Tolix chairs stack for convenient storage, which if you’re short of storage space, is a real bonus.

Versatile – You’ll be bowled over by the variety of colours and finishes on offer within the Tolix range. From bold vibrant colours to metallic sheens and from wooden seats to PU cushions, there’s a Tolix chair for every need.

Easy to clean – Another great thing about our Tolix chairs is the ease of cleaning. Simply dust them with a soft dry cloth to remove any dust or food particles or wipe them over with a wet cloth and mild cleanser to remove any spills or stains.

Adds character – It stands to reason that a design that was first created in the 1930’s and is still going strong in 2018 must have done something right. In our opinion we like Tolix because it’s full of character and instantly recognisable. It’s one of the few designs that works well in both modern and traditional environments and, because it’s made from metal, it’s a chair that doesn’t mind the odd scratch or dent. In fact, it ages well, rather like a decent bottle of red wine!

Funky stools – We also have a fondness for the Tolix replica stools which are great for adding bursts of colour to a neutral palette. Available in 3 sizes there are plenty of colours to choose from, too.

Are you ready to start shopping Tolix chairs and stools?

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