Replica Tolix Stool – Which is Your Favourite?

Tolix stoolOur replica Tolix stool is inspired by the original stools created by Xavier Pauchard in the 1930s. Having had great success with chairs he then went on to design what has since become an iconic stool.

Rumour has it that a local firm in France commissioned Pauchard to design stools for their factory workers. To meet the needs of all employees, the stools came in a variety of heights.

Our replica Tolix stools are manufactured in the same way as the original using sheet metal. Light and easy to maintain, their versatility is the reason that so many cafes and bars use them today.

Our small stools can also be used as side tables. By placing a tray on top of the seat and standing them alongside a sofa or tub chair, for instance, they’re a handy and compact alternative to a coffee table.

Practicality and comfort

Despite having been designed more than 80 years ago, a Tolix stool combines practicality and comfort in what is a clean, modern design. Some people say that the X shaped crossbars beneath the seat stand for Xavier Pauchard’s first name initial but in reality, they are there to provide additional support and strength to the framework.

Being made from steel, Tolix stools are strong yet lightweight and easy to move around to meet customers’ needs. They are also robust and can withstand practically anything that is thrown at them. In our opinion, the odd dent or two just adds character to what is already a stool that is brimming with personality.

Plenty of options

Here at Café Solutions, our replica Tolix stools are available to purchase in 3 heights – 46 cm, 66 cm and 76 cm. The smallest stool is intended to be used with a standard height café table, the medium stool works beneath a bar counter, and the tallest of the three is suitable for use with a poseur or dry bar table.

Our Tolix stools come in a variety of designs and colours, which you can check out below.

All metal replica Tolix Stool

Tolix stool

This is a replica of the original design and is made entirely from steel with a powder-coated finish in a choice of matte or gloss. It features a slot in the seat which you can use to carry it and black rubber stops on the feet to prevent it from marking or scratching your floor when it is moved. Shown here in red, it’s available in all 3 sizes and a variety of colours and finishes including antique matte black, gloss silver, matte apple green, matte sky blue, matte white, matte yellow and matte orange.

Replica Tolix stool with cushion seat


This model features a metal frame and a comfortable padded cushioned seat made from PU leather. It’s available to purchase in the 76 cm size and comes in black or white.

Replica Tolix Stool with Timber Seat

This stylish replica Tolix stool boasts a winning combination of steel frame with a timber seat. Perfect for use in an industrial setting or for casual dining, it’s available in black and white and comes in all 3 sizes.

Replica Tolix stool with backrest

tolix stool

If you tend to slump when sat on a backless stool then take a look at our replica Tolix stool with a backrest. This comes in a glossy finish, 76cm high, and in a choice of silver, black and white.

If you’re looking for a Tolix stool then our replica versions are a great option, allowing you to adopt a designer look without the hefty price tag. With so many vibrant colours and lustrous metallic shades to choose from, they’re great for adding colour to a neutral palette. With plenty of combinations to choose from, there’s sure to be a stool that meets the needs of the most discerning customer.