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Top Tips and Inspiration for Café Décor

Every day it seems more and more cafes are opening in Brisbane. So, if you’re about to launch a new café, or considering giving yours a makeover, what should you be looking for in the way of interiors, décor, and furniture, to stand out from the crowd?

Know your café and your customers

While this may seem obvious, it’s worth pointing out the need to know your customer base. For instance, there’s very little point in opening a hipster style café complete with metal girders and Edison light bulbs, if your clientele is mostly middle aged and prefer tablecloths, chintz, and cups of tea. And of course, vice versa. It’s best to aim for the middle ground with something that’s comfortable for the tablecloth brigade and cool enough for younger, trendy folk.

Mix and match furniture

There’s nothing that says your café furniture must match. In fact, by mixing things up it helps to create character and makes your cafe universally appealing.

Sofas and tub chairs are ideal for those with aching legs and feet who want to rest for a while whereas bar tables and stools are ideal for those looking to pop in for a quick coffee fix.

Use your walls

Whether your walls are brick or plastered they can act as the perfect canvas for displaying your café’s individuality. As customers lean more towards local produce and home-made dishes, they appreciate a few carefully considered touches when they come through your doors. How about seeing if you can source some old photos of your neighbourhood from by-gone years which you could copy, frame and mount on your walls?

You should be able to find something on the internet or even at your local library. Alternatively, how about turning your walls into an art gallery for local artists. Pick a couple of artists with totally different styles to make your walls look unique and exciting. Be sure to rotate your pictures from time to time, to keep customers interested.

Table displays

Fresh flowers on your tables are a nice gesture and almost act like a smile for customers. You don’t have to use traditional vases for them either. Try utilising decorative jam jars, old teapots, or old metal tins for some quirky containers.

Display your coffee

Finally, don’t forget that people visit cafes and coffee shops primarily for coffee. This product, in its raw state is extremely attractive, so why not display some shiny coffee beans on your counter for everyone to see in glass jars or containers?

Don’t worry yourself overly about current trends. It’s your café so make it about you. That’s what people like – the personal touch! Keep it looking inviting, welcoming, and friendly, and the customers will keep on coming.



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