Top Tips On Running A Coffee Shop – Getting Down To Basics

Coffee shops are springing up all over Brisbane  as Australians continue to embrace the café culture. A coffee shop can be a great place for meeting up with your friends, meeting new people, or just enjoying a spot of “me time” with a newspaper or your laptop and a great cup of coffee. If you’re planning on opening up a café, then in order for it to succeed you need to get to grips with the basics.

In order to attract customers it’s vital to get 3 main elements right: coffee, ambience and service.

Serve good coffee

This may sound pretty obvious but it can’t be stated enough, you need to serve GOOD coffee which will keep customers coming back for more and build you a regular customer base. You can offer any amount of different brews and combinations, but if your regular coffee isn’t up to scratch, then people aren’t going to come back.

The ambience

Much of the success of your coffee shop will be dependent on the décor and overall feel and atmosphere. Customers want to feel welcomed and relaxed. Don’t crowd in too many tables, customers don’t want to think that others can listen in on their conversations. Keep everywhere sparkling clean from the tables, chairs, displays, countertops and especially the toilets.

Our café tables and chairs are easy to wipe clean and with a number of different colours and styles, you can match them to any theme. Red and black makes for a classic look as does white and black which looks fresh and clean. For a warm homely feel how about using warm browns and oranges with neutral coloured walls and perhaps some interesting wall art. Our Tolix replica stools are a good alternative for tight spots where chairs would crowd the space, and they can be stored away on top of each other when not in use.


Whatever you do, don’t compromise on staff and service. Your staff should show enthusiasm and work hard. Train them in the way in which you would like them to greet customers; how to take down orders and not make any mistakes; how to tell them about any specials you are serving and to be able to make suggestions as to types of coffee etc.

A top tip here is to visit several coffee shops as a customer and make note of how their staff interact with their customers and any mistakes they make, so that you can avoid this happening in your shop.

If you’re following all of these basic rules and still not attracting sufficient customers, then it could be that your café is simply in the wrong place.  At this point you need to seriously look at re-locating your café to an area which has a good foot fall of potential customers. Once you’re ready to move, then a local Brisbane removals team can take away the hassle and stress of attempting to do it yourself. With some companies only requiring a minimum of a two hour booking and then charging in 15 minute increments, you can really keep the price down too.

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