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Top Tips To Make Customers Return To Your Cafe

Customers are finicky creatures which is why it can be difficult to know just how to get new customers through your doors and, more importantly, how to retain them. So we’ve put together 6 tips to make your customers feel welcome and want to come back. So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look:

Getting customers through your doors is all about getting the design of your cafe right. We’re not just talking colour scheme and layout but about other various other key elements which play a vital role.

Clean lines

Remember your cafe interior isn’t about creating something that’s personal to you. Instead keep things simple by keeping clutter to a minimum and limit decorations and knick knacks to things that add value. Your design doesn’t have to mean minimalism but you do need to consider every item carefully before installing it.


Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee brewing and freshly baked bread and pastries. We know we do! So rather than overpowering those delicious smells with fancy perfume sprays and air fresheners keep those pungent smells coming to your customers.


Lighting when done well is a great way of setting the ambience but get it wrong and it could have disastrous effects on your business. Think about your customers. Are they looking for well lit tables from which to hold casual business meetings or to study? Or are they there to meet a date or hang out with friends? If it’s the latter then think about the type of behaviour that you’re looking to encourage. Bright lights will encourage customers to order a drink, maybe grab a bite to eat, and then move on quickly which in business terms could lead to increased sales and revenue. Whereas low lighting may make them relax more, linger longer, and perhaps order another drink.


It used to be that cafe chairs of old were designed so that customers would drink up and leave as quickly as possible. Today’s clientele demand nice looking comfortable furniture and like to have a choice too for however long they’re staying. If they’re on their own they may prefer a comfy chair hidden away in a small corner but make sure there is something such as a wall or book shelf to give the seat structure on one side. Make sure you have practical upright chairs too, for those looking to work. Couches are great for relaxing and reading the papers with a cup of coffee on a table by the side, but if they’re too soft and comfortable your customers might end up falling asleep.


Low lighting and dark walls may work well if a customer is going out for an evening cocktail but during the day your customers will appreciate plenty of natural light that lets the sun shine in and makes them feel more upbeat and positive. Whether it’s to look through the windows and watch passers -by, customers do love natural light.


Based on your particular clientele be sure to make the space work for their purpose. If your cafe serves as a meeting place for groups of friends, then make sure you have some large tables where they can all sit together. If it’s a place to linger then place comfortable seating in inviting areas. If your customers tend to rush in quickly on their way to work or before going to an appointment, make sure they can get in and out quickly with chairs and tables close to the door.

Make your space welcoming and make it flow well so that new customers can easily see where they can go and sit, and the nature of the seating offered. Every seat should be that little bit different and cater for as many different people as possible.

Not everyone likes to be sat close to strangers for fear they can be heard when they’re chatting to a friend. Think about the space around your chairs as well as in between your chairs. In other words find out what your customers want and give it to them. Make your cafe feel like home and they’ll keep on coming back.

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