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Turn Your Cafe Into A Bright Lively Venue With Colour

colourful indoor cafe chairsIf your venue feels a little lifeless and dull then a relatively cheap way to bring it to life is to pep it up with some bold colours. However when we think of colour it doesn’t have to be purely on the walls. Instead by thinking outside the box you can introduce some zing in many different ways. Let’s take a look.

Table wear

Table wear doesn’t have to be white. Instead why not invest in some great looking crockery. From tea pots to coffee cups, from plates to saucers it’s possible to purchase some seriously vibrant china in a wide variety of hues. Try mixing sunburst yellow cups with lime green saucers for that tropical sunshine feel, or how about serving cappuccinos or lattes in flame red or deep purple mugs. That’s sure to get people talking right? Don’t forget the place mats or even the glasses for that injection of colour that’s sure to make your venue shine.

Cafe Seating

Just like table wear cafe furniture doesn’t have to be dull. Nowadays chairs come in a wide variety of radiant colours especially the polypropylene variety. Just imagine a large outside space filled with gleaming white tables set against a kaleidoscope of colourful chairs. If that doesn’t turn heads, then nothing will! Just like crockery, be bold and mix and match your seating. Deep blue and burnt orange sat against pillar box reds and shocking pinks is certainly going to make a statement, especially if they’re placed against white walls so get creative and go to town.


When it comes to colour, don’t forget your staff. After all they’re the face of your business. This being the case nothing says that this is a fun place to work more than brightly coloured clothing. Too many cafes have their staff dressed in either black or white. Of course there’s nothing wrong in this, but if you’re trying to make your cafe stand out from the crowd, black and white probably isn’t the way to go. Instead how about some great coloured aprons in oranges or purples? Alternatively for the kitchen staff how about a lime green or blue chef’s jacket? Whatever you decide, be bold!

Here at Cafe Solutions we stock a wide variety of commercial grade cafe furniture in some seriously bright colours, so why not check out our website Alternatively if you’re struggling for ideas then contact us on 07 3205 1616 and talk to our experienced and friendly team who are only too happy to assist.

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