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Two Key Factors To Consider When Purchasing Table Bases

Paris Table BaseOne of the first things many customers do when visiting our warehouse is to look at the wide variety of table tops we have because there are so many options including the stunning Shesman timber finish, traditional mahogany, and contemporary stainless steel. When shopping for cafe tables, it’s equally as important to think about the type of table base to support your table top.

The most important consideration is the quality of the table base since this impacts on customer comfort and durability. The second important consideration is the style of base, since this affects how the overall table looks and how well the top is supported.

In order to support a table top properly the size and weight of the table top needs to be matched with a base that has the ability to support the table top. Not only does this ensure that customers will be comfortable seated at the table but also it’s paramount for customer safety.

Base quality

Two table bases may look alike from the outside, but they’re not all created equal. Both the thickness of the base and the base column itself determine how stable the table will be. Other parts of the base which affect its quality is the top plate which again can vary in size, quality, and weight.

Base style

A cross base is one where it looks like a X as it sits on the floor. A round table base typically has a large round plate which connects with the floor. Round bases are usually heavier and may be more suited to certain types of table top since they have 5 contact points as opposed to the four points of a cross base. If you’re buying a long rectangular table then it will be far more stable with two T-style table bases.

Fixed table bases

These are bolted into the ground so there is absolutely no wobble. They save space and enable wheelchair users to sit up close to the table with ease, but on the downside, it does mean that you can’t change your table plan.

FLAT bases

These use a special FLAT technology which automatically adjusts the feet of the table so that it sits remains stable even on an uneven surface. It also aligns table tops with ease, making the setting up of your cafe far quicker.

Here at Cafe Solutions we offer a wide range of top quality table bases to suit individual needs and requirements. You can view them all online or call in at our warehouse in Brendale to see them first hand. If you need any more information we’re only to pleased to help. Just give us a call on 07 3205 1616 and our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist.

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