Want To Save Time Setting Up Your Cafe Or Restaurant?

FLAT table baseAcross the whole of Australia and the rest of the world no doubt, time is spent setting up cafes and restaurants in the morning with much of it devoted to adjusting wobbly and uneven tables. We’re pretty sure that this is time that could be better employed in your business, after all we all know the old saying “time is money.”

Number one complaint

The complaint that’s received the most from cafe owners and restaurateurs is wobbly tables. After all, it’s a real pain sitting at a table that wobbles if you so much as breath over it. What’s more there’s always the risk that you might end up with a lap of hot coffee.

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem and that’s a thing known as ‘FLAT technology’. So what is it? Well, it’s an innovative technology which is installed into table bases. Consisting of a self-stabilising PAD it allows the user to quickly and easily align table tops and banish wobbly tables from their establishments forever.

It’s a miracle!

This patented technology is nothing short of a miracle for cafe owners and restaurateurs. It uses hydraulics to pump fluid through a network of small pipes in a specially designed FLAT table base. The Patented Actuator Device (PAD) responds instantly and adjusts the table feet to make it stable on any surface, whether that be gravel or a cobblestoned terrace. It then locks the feet into position and – hey presto – no more wobbles!

This clever system does all of the work for you, so even when you move a table elsewhere, it simply readjusts to the new surface and locks into position, no matter how many times you move your tables.

Aligns multiple table tops too

Another way this brilliant system saves time is in the event that you have a large party booked in for a meal and need to push several tables together to seat everyone. Usually this is a time consuming process with each table having to be levelled individually to avoid that troublesome ledge that occurs. but thanks to FLAT technology multiple tables can be aligned swiftly, freeing up your staff to concentrate their efforts on serving your customers.

If you’re interested to see for yourself how FLAT technology table bases could save you time then why not come and see for yourself next time you’re in the Brendale area where our warehouse is located. We stock a wide range of FLAT table bases in differing sizes and finishes which fit easily to most table tops so there’s to be something to meet your needs. Alternatively you can simply order online or call us on 07 3205 1616 if you need any more information or advice.

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