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What Advantages Do Composite Cafe Table Tops Have Over Other Materials?

werzalit table Composite materials from makers such as Werzalit and Isotop are popular choices for cafe furniture. In essence they comprise or two or more constituents which when pressed, moulded, and/or shaped in such a way, means that they retain their distinct identities. The key question is why use composites for table tops. In fact why use composites at all? It turns out that there are in fact quite a few advantages.

Composites are stronger

When compared to natural wood, table top composites are considered stronger. How is strength ultimately measured? Inevitably by the amount or load it can carry. While you could argue that a thicker piece of wood would be able to take more weight than a thinner piece, the wood itself remains the same strength, and instead it’s only the load area that changes.

Composites are generally lighter

The lightness of a particular material is measured by density. This is the weight of the material by volume (per unit). In this case a similar sized piece of wood with the same thickness is more dense and therefore heavier than the equivalent composite material.

When we combine these two traits what we actually get is a material that’s both lighter and stronger than its counterparts, but there’s more….

Composite table tops are made up of layers of material which are laid in opposing directions. Each layer is then bound with a super strong resin and pressed. Because the fibres are alternating instead of running in parallel with each other, it makes for a super strong structure. Add to this the fact that the nearly finished table top is then treated with just about every type of proofing you can imagine, and what you have is a finished article that’s virtually indestructible.

So what does this mean for cafe owners?

Isotop and Werzalit tables and table tops are not only lightweight, In addition, they’re designed not to stain, burn, fade, crack or warp. What’s more they’re UV resistant and waterproof. making them the ideal flexible piece of cafe furniture for any busy cafe, restaurant or bistro. Finally they can be fashioned into a multitude of designs, colours, effects, and styles to suit even the most demanding of customers.

If you’re considering composite table tops or tables for your cafe then you should talk to us. At Cafe Solutions we’ve been selling quality commercial-grade cafe furniture including composite table tops for many years. To find out more about what we have in stock you can always contact us on 07 3205 1616, or alternatively visit our website at Finally, if you’re passing the Brendale area of Brisbane we invite you to pop into our showroom where you can take a closer look at the furniture we have first hand.

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