What Is A Tolix Bar Stool And Why Is It So Popular?

When the Tolix bar stool first started to grace the café’s and bistros of Paris in the mid 1930’s, nobody had any idea that it would still be the epitome of café chic nearly eighty years later. However, strong design bringing together both functionality form has a habit of longevity and this is exactly what the Tolix bar stool had.

Galvanised metal

In the age when most café furniture was made of dark wood, which was in most cases heavy, cumbersome, and let’s face it not very practical, the Tolix Bar Stool was made using galvanised metal. Although the Tolix company weren’t the first to use this process, they were one of the first to pioneer furniture using sheet metal. This meant that it was relatively cheap to produce, lightweight and above all, because it was treated, it could withstand most weather conditions without fear of any damage. In effect what you had was a new type of furniture that could be used inside or out. It was stackable and incredibly lightweight, resulting in a piece of furniture that every café, bar, and bistro owner throughout Paris wanted to have for their establishment.

Simply but stylish design

Designed by Frenchman Xavier Pauchard back in 1934 the classic Tolix bar stool has a simple look and feel to it, but a lot of thought has gone into the design process. It has a glorious sweeping ‘A’ frame look with gentle curving legs. Fashioned so that the weight is spread evenly throughout each of the four legs, every detail has been designed for a reason. As a result the geometric cross struts situated just beneath the seat and the horizontal struts attached closer to the base not only add to the look, they give the chair extra strength without adding a ton of weight. The result is a lightweight versatile bar stool that’s built to last.

As popular today

Even today the Tolix bar stool looks as modern and contemporary as it did back in 1934, so whether you’re looking for a cool and funky vibe or that cutting edge, industrial feel the galvanised metal effect of these stools really work. They also come in a variety of colours to match any design, theme or décor.

Replica Tolix stools

Because original Tolix-made bar stools can set you back quite a few dollars, there are companies who now design replicas. What you get is the same Tolix-inspired bar stool, complete with that iconic look and feel, but instead, you’re paying just a fraction of the cost. For this reason they’re a great statement piece of furniture that are sure to give your establishment the wow factor it deserves.

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