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What Makes A Good Barista?

BaristaIf you’re starting from scratch or looking at ways to get more customers through your doors, then it might be a good idea to take long hard look at your barista. Now I don’t mean eye them up or down to see if their shoes match their trousers or whether they’re due a hair cut, but look at how they connect with customers and, more importantly, how they brew their coffee.

You see, as a lover of coffee, I expect to walk into a coffee shop and be served a really good of coffee. I also know that the owner of the shop would expect me to so pleased with the coffee and the service, that I would return and bring my friends with me. So, who do you think this responsibility lies with? You’ve guessed it – the barista.

So how do you recognise a good barista? Let’s take a look at a few pointers:

  • Well, he or she doesn’t have to be a particular age or nationality
  • They’re sure to be found behind the counter waiting to prepare any one of a number of varieties for you.
  • A skilled barista, which would be the ideal choice for you, would have several years of experience in the industry.
  • A good barista should have mastered to near perfection the four processes of dosing, tamping, pulling and steaming.
  • Great attention should be paid both to the quality of the coffee as well as the presentation by the barista
  • A truly skilled barista will be juggling several tasks at the same time.
  • The barista you find yourself warming to is the one that interacts well with customers.
  • A good barista can turn a floundering business into a thriving one

A barista isn’t like you or me. Instead they’re totally focused, geeky, and obsessed with coffee. Their world is full of valves and steam, beans and aromas and they scribble down weird codes such a SFW skimmed milk, flat white to you and me, or SC – a strong cappuccino.

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