What Makes A Successful Café?

Here at Cafe Solutions we’d probably answer that having attractive, comfortable and functional cafe furniture makes for a successful café but then naturally we’re biased. So, we were browsing the net the other day and came across one such article which gave several points which might be of interest to you if you’re just starting up a café. So, here’s 4 to get you started:


There’s something infectious about being greeted by a happy smiley person when you enter a cafe which kind of sets you up for the day and puts you in a good mood. Unless you’ve got a passion for coffee and enjoy socializing, then perhaps you shouldn’t be running a café. If you enjoy your job and love life this will come across to your customers and make your café feel a welcoming and relaxing haven in which to spend some time.

Introduce your customers to your coffee

Stand out from your competitors by introducing them to the coffee you serve. You could tell them a little about where it’s grown and how it’s roasted. When you serve them something really special tell them that the coffee is hand selected and not mass produced, that’s its freshly roasted and ground, and that you use fresh milk for each cup that you serve. Don’t bad mouth the competition but just pass on your enthusiasm for your coffee to others, and you’ll soon find your customer numbers increasing.

Keep things fresh and exciting

Once you’ve set up your coffee shop you need to offer something new every week. Keep hold of your core products and make sure they are consistent, after all most customers like the reassurance of knowing that their favourite coffee is still going to be available next week. But in addition offer a “special” each week, either something seasonal, or an exciting new cookie flavour or sandwich filling. Get your staff involved and see if they can come up with some fresh ideas.

Treat customers with respect

Sure you may get the odd demanding customer who is a little “tricky” to deal with but make it perfectly clear to your staff that it’s the customers who pay their wages. Instil in them that the best way to deal with customers is to treat them as they themselves would like to be treated. Be grateful for all customers who come your way, after all there are plenty of other establishments they could go to.

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