What Makes The Perfect Bar Stool?

There’s something about sitting on a bar stool, with a companion by your side, or even on your own, that seems to make a meal seem more enjoyable than eating at a typical cafe table. The only time I don’t feel this way is when I’m sitting on a bad bar stool. So, what am I looking for in my perfect bar stool?

A quick request to all bar and cafe owners – “Can you please choose your stools not just based on how they look but because they’re great to sit on?” A good starting point would be to pull one up to the bar and enjoy a drink before ordering another 5. In my opinion, a perfect bar stool should have at least one, but hopefully more, of these features.

A backrest

Think about your favourite cafe or bar. The reason you always go there (apart from it’s where your friends hang out) is that their bar stools are more like chairs than stools – they have backs! The only type of stool I can relax in and not sit all hunched up is a stool with a backrest.

A comfortable seat

No matter how well-cushioned your bum is, very few people enjoy sitting on a slab of metal or wood for very long, even when it has been carefully contoured. Some sort of padded seat is ideal or even a flexible plastic seat will do.

A footrest

It’s amazing how heavy dangling feet can feel after a while which is why a footrest is imperative in my perfect bar stool. It also aids getting up and on to the seat of the stool too.


The ability to move the barstool is also necessary for me. I might want to move it a little closer to the bar, move it back slightly to allow for a third person to join in the conversation or be able to move it closer to my companion to whisper something in their ear. Of course, a bar stool that swivels would be even better ?


There’s nothing worse than a bar stool which is too low – it makes me feel like an 8-year old. On the flip side, a stool that is too tall can mean it’s impossible not to crush your thighs as you move the stool in closer to the bar counter.


In a place that’s designed for drinking, it’s a no-brainer that a perfect bar stool needs to be stable and not rock dangerously when you bring your glass up to your lips.

Here at Cafe Solutions, we have a wide range of tall bar stools made from a variety of materials including wood, polypropylene, metal, and nylon rattan. Why not find your perfect bar stool by browsing our online store or visiting our showroom in Brisbane to try before you buy.