What Size Cafe Tables Do I Need?

Starting a new cafe can be a daunting task particularly when it comes to choosing the right cafe furniture for you. One of the questions that we’re asked the most by customers is what size of cafe table they should buy, so we thought we’d put together a quick guide for anyone finding themselves in this particular dilemma

First things first – what space do you have?

Whether you’re choosing tables for your interior or outdoor space, choosing the right shape and size of table depends on two important factors

  • Size and shape of your available floor space
  • Number of guests you’re intending to cater for

You’ll know you’ve got your floor plan right when customers can pull their chairs out easily and have sufficient room to move around.

Recommended table size for a small cafe or restaurant

If you’re dealing with a small floor area then every bit of space counts. As a rule of thumb, small two seater and 4 seater cafe tables which can easily be placed in a variety of configurations are the best means of maximising your floor space. Larger banquet tables, on the other hand, have the reverse effect and limit your flexibility for accommodating diners in differing group sizes.

By offering the right mix of table shapes and sizes, you can turn tables around more quickly and increase your sales and profits.

Table choices for larger cafes and restaurants

If you have a large dining area then you can take advantage of larger tables which seat 6 or more people. So rather than having to push small tables together for larger group sizes, you could include several larger tables in your floor plan as well as smaller tables for single diners and couples.

Spacing your tables

When you’re planning your dining layout there are 3 factors to take into consideration:

  • Available space
  • Shape of the dining space
  • Table shape

Space is the most important consideration as no-one wants to sit so closely to the next table that that they feel cramped and uncomfortable. Offer as much space as you for an enjoyable customer experience.

Round tables should have at least 137 cm between them while rectangular tables require 152 cm. Once chairs are pulled out this leaves a service area of 61cm although for main service aisles, we recommend you leave even more space to aid the flow of traffic.

Our 60cm tables are intended for 2 people while our 70 and 80 cm are more suitable for 4. Our larger rectangular tables (80 x 120cm) will comfortably accommodate 6-8 guests while our largest round tables will seat 10. If you have a small floor space then stick to 60 and 70cm tables and if you have more space, then we’d recommend you offer a mix of table sizes.

Always buy commercial furniture

Finally always buy commercial furniture as this is specifically designed to withstand frequent, regular use and are more strong and durable than residential tables.

At Cafe Solutions we stock a wide range of cafe tables and are currently offering 15% off all table tops. Why not browse our online store and view our complete range of furniture and bench-top equipment, or if you’re passing through Brendale call in to our showroom and see our products first hand. We’re your one stop cafe furniture and equipment supplier. If you’ve any questions about our products please give us a call and we’ll be pleased to assist.

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