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When Less is More

Less is more” is a phrase which is often used in examples of where clarity and simplicity dicate a good design and this is especially the case in our Bow chair.

This fabulous chair takes its inspiration from the Hans J Wegner Elbow Chair which was designed in 1956. Danish designer Wegner was known for experimenting with new materials and in this case he used moulded veneer for the frame. In fact, he used 11 layers of the material to give it perfect stability. Wegner was well ahead of his time with regard to designing exciting and innovative wooden furniture. In fact, the Elbow Chair was so complicated to make with the manufacturing techniques that were in place at that time, that only the one chair was made. It was, however, reintroduced in 2005 when it was produced again, for the first time.

The prime characteristic of the Elbow Chair is its rounded backrest, fashioned from steam bent solid wood which allows for a variety of seating positions. It also supports the arms which is how its name came about and this in addition increased the user’s comfort and allowed them to sit for longer periods of time in the chair.

Benefits of the Bow Chair

Our Bow chair may not boast the elite background of the Elbow Chair but it does make a cracking dining chair for cafes and bars. It also has several benefits to offer:

Strong and robust

Manufactured with a steel frame, this chair is not only extremely strong but is also surprisingly light and easy to move around as the needs of your business dicate. We love that it’s been powder coated to give it the look of timber and we’re sure you will too.

Easy maintenance

The beauty of our Bow chair is its ease of maintenance. Featuring a padded black vinyl cushion, it’s both comfortable and practical. Any spills or food debris can be quickly wiped off with littke more than a damp cloth to leave it looking as good as new.


Offering good support for the person seated, its low back and horizontal seat make it an excellent dining chair which would also work well as a desk chair.

Easy to style

The Bow chair boasts a simplistic style which is easy to fit into practically any décor or colour scheme. If you love bright colours on your walls or you like to hang art work, then this chair won’t distract from any of that.

Besides the Bow Chair we stock a wide range of cafe furniture from vintage to retro and classical to traditional and in a variety of colours and materials. Why not browse our online store, download our furniture catalogue for future reference, or call into our showroom and try out our products first hand. We’d love to see you there!

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