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Which Cafe Table Is Right For You?

There are lots of decisions to be made when you’re opening a new cafe or going for a refit including what sort of tables to use in order to maximise your floor space and create the right ambience.

We thought we might be able to help by putting together a few of the pros and cons associated with the most popular cafe table shapes.



Round tables are ideal for a casual environment and particularly suitable for cafes where you want to get customers in and out as quickly as possible. A round table creates an atmosphere that is warm and friendly and because there are no sharp edges, it’s a great choice if you cater largely for young mums and their children.

Our 600mm tables paired with Roma bases are perfect for making single diners feel at ease and because of their size are good for awkward recesses and corners. A table this size allows a single diner who doesn’t want to socialise to sit with a book or paper without feeling guilty that they’re taking up a table that’s intended for 4 people.

While on the subject of round tables, bear in mind that larger round tables are ideal for parties and allow eye contact all round and easier conversation than a long table.


Round tables are usually better for single diners or larger parties and can be uncomfortable for 2 or 3 people looking to sit together.



Square tables are often the most preferred choice of cafes because they’re more versatile. For instance they can easily be pushed against a wall, sit in a corner, or float around in the centre of your dining space with other tables. What’s more they can be pushed together easily to accommodate larger groups when necessary. Be aware that the atmosphere with square tables can feel a little more formal due to their sleek lines.


Square tables don’t work that well in a space that is rectangular and it can be harder for staff and customers to move freely around the venue.



Communal tables are growing more and more popular and can be a good choice if you have limited space and you know that your regular clientele enjoy meeting new people. It’s still a good idea to have a few separate tables for those that don’t enjoy eating at communal tables, however.

Communal dining can be a unique social experience but typically there needs to be a focus to encourage people to chat freely to each other. Introducing unusual drink options or sandwich fillings, for instance, could do just this.


Some people can’t get into the concept of sharing their dining space so closely with strangers and if that’s all that’s on offer, they may go elsewhere.


In today’s world everyone loves choice so we’d personally recommend a balance of all 3 styles to mix it up. Those who want to socialise could sit at communal tables while couples looking for a little privacy could choose a small corner table; Groups of 4-6 people, on the other hand, may prefer to sit round a couple of square tables pushed together.

Cafe tables don’t just provide a place to sit and eat, they also contribute to the tone and overall experience that your customers will have. The right tables play an important part in setting the right ambience.

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