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White Dining Chairs – Comfortable and Attractive

white dining chairs
No 18 Cabaret Chair

White dining chairs look clean and fresh which is why they’re such a good choice for the hospitality sector. Not just that, white chairs also make a dining area seem larger and brighter, and that’s got to be a good thing, right?

While many café owners focus on their tables, since these are what take up most of their interior space, the chairs themselves are equally as important, particularly when it comes to a positive customer dining experience. If you’re looking for new chairs to match your existing tables, then you might want to consider white dining chairs as these go with most tables and decors.

One benefit of white chairs is that they make your space feel clean and well organised. This is because white décor looks neat and aesthetically pleasing while also feeling well-balanced and positive.

A blank canvas

Choosing white chairs is also like starting out with a blank canvas. A bit like a white piece of paper. It’s ready and waiting for you to impart your personality. Using white chairs allows other items to shine out – maybe artwork on the walls or pretty crockery.

White tends to be regarded as a singular colour whereas there are several shades of off-white to choose from. Beige and cream have a hint of tan colour to them whereas shades like white smoke and ghost-white have subtle darkness.

At Café Solutions, we have many different styles of white chairs for you to choose from. Take our resin cross back chair in white for instance. This stylish chair is made from polypropylene which has been reinforced with steel rods inside. It takes its inspiration from Bentwood and the cross back and slender bowed legs make it instantly recognisable. It’s a great looking chair which can be used indoors and outside plus it has the added benefit of stacking for convenient storage.

While we’re on the subject of Bentwood, you may also be interested in our No 18 steel cabaret chair in white. This is a modern take on the original Michael Thonet chair and fits in well with an industrial setting. Made from steel with a powder coating it’s a great looking chair. Lightweight, yet incredibly strong, it comes assembled and ready to use. To enhance your customer’s dining experience, why not add some colourful seat cushions too?

These are just two of the white dining chairs we have on offer but you can view our entire range in our online store, or, if you prefer, why not visit one of our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, and try them out for yourself. We look forward to seeing you at one soon.