Why Buying Certified Cafe Furniture Makes Good Sense

With summer fast approaching there’s never been a better time to liven up your café or bistro with some exciting new outdoor furniture. Whether you’re starting out from scratch with just a few tables and chairs on the pavement outside your café or looking to upgrade a whole new terrace, it’s a known fact that the sight of people sitting out in the sunshine enjoying a glass of something cold is sufficient to tempt many a passer by to stop and pull up a chair.

While it may be pretty obvious to purchase furniture that’s intended for commercial use, how do you know that it will stand up the level of wear and tear that as a busy café you need, and indeed, expect? The answer lies in buying café furniture that has been AFRDI tested and the good news is that we have over 80 such products, and are steadily increasing this number too.

So what is AFRDI?

The initials stand for the Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute. As a non profit making organisation they carry out extensive tests and product certification on a wide range of commercial grade furniture. This means that when you buy an AFRDI tested item of furniture you can be assured that it meets the strict guidelines that have been enforced.

How this helps the café owner

AFRDI testing can give you peace of mind that as a café owner your furniture has passed rigorous tests which means that it should be able to withstand everything that a busy café throws at it. It doesn’t always equate to price either since many cheaper products have successfully passed AFRDI testing, and this is certainly a tip worth noting! The main advantage of choosing AFRDI tested furniture is that if you’re buying in bulk, it’s going to cost you a fair amount of money so you need tables and chairs which will last for several years, and AFRDI furniture is the best way of making sure of this.

What sort of tests are carried out?

There are a variety of tests depending on the type of furniture being tested but as far as café furniture goes the the following applies:

  • Cafe tables are tested for their ability to withstand hot temperatures from such things as drink and food and how impervious they are to stains. In addition they’re tested to see how easy the table tops are to clean and whether they can stay looking like new without fading.

  • Cafe chairs must be sufficiently robust to withstand frequent every day use and are also tested to see whether they scratch or rust if left out in the elements.

So as you can see buying AFRDI tested equipment acts as a sort of insurance for your investment and helps to ensure that your furniture doesn’t let you down. If you’re looking for some new café furniture then we have a wide range for you to choose from with much of it having passed AFRDI testing. Why not check out our online store or visit our warehouse in Brendale. For more information or advice you can also call us on 07 3205 1616.


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