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Why Dry Bar Tables Are An Asset To Your Cafe Or Bar

dry bar tableWhether you’re starting a new venue or looking to revamp your existing cafe or bar, then why not consider investing in a few dry bar tables? These often overlooked items of cafe/bar furniture are extremely versatile which is a key attribute to look for before reaching your purchasing decision. Being able to move and adjust your set-up without the confinements of furniture and chair incompatibility makes it a lot easier to create a new look in your cafe, bar, or restaurant.

Dry bar tables stand at approximately the same height of an actual bar and have a two fold purpose. They can provide both indoor and outdoor platforms for both standing areas, during your busiest times, and seating areas, using the bar stools that you already have.

The perks of dry bar tables continue with a surface that is easily washed down and a robust construction which is durable and hard wearing, yet light enough to move around as the needs of your business dictate.

Another benefit of dry bar tables is that they save space and can fit into awkward corners and recesses where a larger table and chairs couldn’t. Paired with trendy bar stools they offer the perfect dining experience for two, while also increasing your revenue.

Dry bar tables also offer an alternative style of seating which your customers will just love, and give a totally different vantage point from which to sit and soak up their surroundings over a mug of coffee.

Isotop dry bar tables

Our collection of dry bar tables consist of a round or square 600mm table top and a matching stainless steel base. The table tops are manufactured by Isotop and are one of the hardest wearing table tops on the market. Made from plantation wood chip, resin, and wax, they’re formulated and moulded under high temperature to produce a table top that is virtually indestructible. The surface laminate is heat, stain, and scratch resistant as well as being weather resistant and UV protected to prevent fading.

The designs are varied and include the standard white or black shades as well as our personal favourite, Shesman timber which has a really warm glow about it, granite, and wenge timber. The base itself attaches to the table top with a cross bracket to spread the weight evenly, while the legs are themselves weighted to prevent the table from toppling over.

If you think your venue could benefit from some dry bar tables then why not browse our selection in our online store or visit our showroom Beverley Hills to see them first hand. Meanwhile if you need any further information about any of our products please don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 8379 7737 where our friendly knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist.

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