Why Werzalit Technology Is Ideal For Your Outside Cafe Space?

If you’re looking to invest money in tables and seating for your outside space, then it stands to reason that you want something that’s going to last and is able to withstand the rigours of not only the climate, but also heavy customer use. For this reason you may want to consider a table or table top made using Werzalit Technology.

What exactly is Werzalit Technology?
In essence it’s a patented manufacturing process founded by Werzalit AG & Co of Germany. The process takes a series of hard and soft woods, synthetic resins and melamines which are then pressed and kiln fired to produce a seriously tough composite. For this reason they can endure extreme environments and conditions with consummate ease. These include heavy moisture, high temperatures, and very high levels of customer use.

So just how good is it?
Many experts suggest that when you buy a Werzalit table or table top you’re buying a product that’s incredibly strong, extremely durable and about as tough as you’re going to get. For instance the Werzalit table is not effected in the slightest by extremes of temperature and it’s UV protection means that it can easily withstand the 30 degree summer heat that Brisbane often has. The added compound of melamine used in the product makes it virtually indestructible. Hot drink spills, cigarette burns and even common or garden graffiti can not harm the table as it’s non porous and scratch resistant. In addition any food stains can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth to keep it looking as good as new.

What about choice?
With a Werzalit table or table top you really are spoilt for choice! This means that there’s a table to fit into most themes, designs, styles and indeed spaces. They come in 600, 700 and 800mm sizes and you can opt for either square or round tables. So no matter how small or large your outdoor terrace or pavement area is, there’s a Werzalit table or table top to suit. For those who want to go modern contemporary, then sumptuous red tables and aluminium bases will be bound to turn heads. Or how about going for that stylish elegant look with a stunning two-tone table or table top? Finally if you want to bring a bit of the southern Mediterranean into your café then classic crisp white Werzalit tables would look great with sleek ash and aluminium seating. Add a few strategically positioned shrubs and you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in the South of France.

Strong, functional and versatile Werzalit tables and table tops really do make the ideal solution to your outdoor table problems. They have the ability to bring that wow factor to your outside space and are simply great for creating that first impression when potential customers pass by.


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