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Wobbly Cafe Tables Can Cause A Loss Of Revenue – The Solution is FLAT

Whether you’re a small bespoke café or a quick service restaurant your objective should always be the same, and that is to provide the customer with an exceptional experience which they will want to repeat time and time again. Carefully crafted menus, a clean environment, and courteous waiting staff are all part of a positive experience but that can all be quickly marred by what is one of the most common complaints in the hospitality industry – wobbly tables. The revolutionary FLAT Technology provides table bases which automatically stabilise the overall table, putting an end to wobbly tables and allowing for quick and easy levelling with other tables.

Offers more flexibility than bold down tables

While bolt-down table bases play a role in keeping your café tables from moving, they don’t have the flexibility of free-standing tables. Another problem lies in pushing tables together to accommodate a large party of friends looking to sit together to celebrate a birthday per se. Trying to level up the table tops can be time consuming and challenging, unless your floor surface is dead level. It’s true to say that wobbly tables pose a risk to customers since there is a danger of hot drinks or food ending up in their laps. A bad customer experience with wobbly tables can certainly put them off from returning to your café again, and the more this happens the more likely you are to see a drop in revenue.

Problem solving

FLAT Table bases solve the two most common problems for cafes and restaurant owners. Outside terraces and pavements areas, as well as interior floors, are rarely level and this leads to wobbly tables. FLAT table bases automatically stabilise the table and solve the issue, quickly and easily. In addition tables are often misaligned and this leads to an annoying gap between tables which is incredibly frustrating when a customer is trying to stand their glass or cup down without the drink spilling over the edge. FLAT also ensures that the edges when pushed together line up at the same height, getting rid of the irritating gap. Offering a wide range of table bases including bar height and double bases, FLAT table bases cope effortlessly with all of these challenges.

Balancing the costs

For any café or restaurant, a positive repeatable experience has to be balanced with the cost of achieving it. FLAT table bases incorporating their innovative technology retail at a little more than their free standing counterparts but because of their cost saving impacts, it’s highly probably that you’ll see a return on investment in as little as two months. These savings include less time spent by staff in balancing tables,fewer drinks having to be replaced because of spillage, and a reduction in lost business when a customer chooses not to return due to a bad experience.

A good café table is one that the customer doesn’t notice so if you’re interested in finding out more about FLAT table bases then why not contact Cafe Solutions on (07) 3205 1616 or take a look in our online store where you’ll find a wide range of FLAT table bases to suit all needs. The bases are easy to assemble and fit a wide variety of table tops.

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