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The Main Benefits of Buying Wooden Bar Stools

wooden bar stools

If you are in the market for new bar seating making the right choice is key. After all, do you opt for wooden bar stools or do you opt for metal? If the truth be told, it really is a personal decision that should be based on style, design, theme and décor. However, there are advantages of opting for wood over metal. Let’s take a closer look.

Wooden bar stools look warm and inviting

While metal bar stools look cool and contemporary, they can also appear stark and uninviting, especially when used in the wrong design. Wooden bar stools, on the other hand, are warm and inviting and have the ability to complement many designs and colour schemes. As such, customers will naturally gravitate to wood, whereas they might consider a metal bar stool to be too harsh.

They create an atmosphere all of their own

Wooden bar stools create an atmosphere of comfort. Just like your favourite armchair or an old pair of slippers, a quality wooden bar stool should be both welcoming and inviting without even trying. A great wooden bar stool has a mood-changing quality about it in the respect that once a customer sits on one, they are more likely to feel an air of contentment which can only serve to make them feel relaxed and looking forward to a good evening ahead. The same might not always be said for all-metal bar stools which in many cases offer a soul less practicality.

They offer different variations of seating

While metal bar chairs offer differing design features, variations can be even greater with wood. From cross-back to ladder-back to backless, there is a wooden bar stool for everyone. Ate you looking for wooden bar stools with arms, or with foot support, or that swivel? No problem, the flexible design of wood means that you won’t have to look too hard to find the right bar stool for your needs.

Here at Café Solutions, we have a wide selection of wooden bar stools in 66cm and tall 76cm varieties. All are commercial-grade, have been rigorously tested, and come with a competitive price tag. Choose from stylish hard-wearing walnut or a more contemporary natural timber in a wide variety of styles.

Why not visit our stores based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, or alternatively download our catalogue and browse online. Either way, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.