Envy Chairs – There’s Never A Better Time to Buy Them

air chairs

With summer edging closer, there’s never a better time to consider investing in our fantastic Envy Chairs. These colourful chairs are flying off the shelves almost as fast as we can supply them. In fact, our customers love them so much that we now supply matching stools.

The Australian climate lends itself to alfresco dining and if you don’t make use of any available outdoor space that you have, then you’re seriously missing a trick. In these challenging times of Covid-19, keeping your customers outdoors where they’re less at risk of infection is a must.

So what’s so special about our Envy Chairs?

These colourful chairs are so vibrant that they make you smile just to look at them. Made from polypropylene with an attractive honeycomb pattern, they’re light and easy to move around and, more importantly, easy to sanitise between customers.

Polypropylene is ideal for outdoor use because it can withstand the heat of the sun as well as the torrential showers that often occur during the summer months. UV treated they won’t lose their colour either and won’t warp, crack, or fall apart. Oh, we almost forgot to mention, but the holes in the design enable water to flow through rather than puddling which is another thoughtful design element.

Injection moulded in a single piece and reinforced with glass fibre for extra strength and durability, they’re an ideal outdoor chair that won’t break the bank either.

Another benefit of our air chairs is that they stack for convenient storage or for easy transportation to another venue. Since they can be stacked as high as 12 chairs, they’re perfect if you have limited storage or just to stand in the corner of your terrace.

Versatile seating

The thing we love best about our air chairs is that with so many gorgeous colours to choose from there’s sure to be one that matches your décor. Red and mango are two of our favourite colours but you can also choose from apple green or classic black, white, or charcoal.

High dining

If you’ve never considered using tall stools outside then why not give it a go? Our tall Air stools look great paired with bar tables and are perfect for slotting into small recesses and tight corners, giving customers an elevated view of all that’s going on around them. If you’re looking to create a casual vibe, then this is one way to do it.

Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas and reasons to consider using Air chairs for your venue. Why not browse our online store or visit our Brisbane showroom to meet them ‘in person’. We can also provide no contact delivery and collection.