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We’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions but if you can’t find an answer to your particular question then please just give us a call on (07) 3184 8441   or drop us an email via our contact us page.

Q   What are your opening hours?
A   Brisbane showroom and warehouse: We are open 9am to 5pm (Brisbane local time) Monday to Friday, on Saturdays by appointment only.

  Do you sell to the public?
A   Yes. Although businesses make up the majority of our customers we’re more than happy to sell to the public too.

Q   How do I place an order?
A You may do so in three ways. You can place the order online, over the phone or by coming to our showroom.

Q   Can I pick up from your showroom?
A   You can pick items up from our Brisbane showroom only.

All stock is dispatched from our distribution centre in Brisbane.

Q   Is your furniture intended for commercial use?
A   Yes, all of our furniture meets commercial grade requirements.

Q   What about a warranty on products?
A   All of our products are supplied with a product warranty which is detailed in our Policies Section.

Q   Outdoor use and fading?
A   The Australian sun is particularly harsh and leaving anything exposed 24/7 will result in fading, in order to get the best results from your furniture your should keep it under cover. Left to the elements everything no matter the quality will fade especially bright colours such as red, orange and yellow etc. UV treatments will only slow the fading process not eliminate it so please take care of your new furniture.

Q   What does AFRDI tested and certified mean next to a product?
A   The abbreviation stands for Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute. When you see these letters next to a product you can be assured that it has undergone rigorous performance testing to meet the standards of the AFRDI and is therefore a good indication of its quality.

Q   Will I need to assemble your products?
A   Many of our products are supplied fully assembled while some require the minimum of assembly. If you’re at all unsure, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Q   Do your table tops include pre-drilled holes?
A   No. We have deliberately omitted holes so that the table tops will fit any base of your choice.

Q   Are your table bases supplied with screws?
A  All our bases come with screws, but the customer will be required to purchase screws for any of Flat Technology bases.

Q   How do I go about assembling my tables?
A   Assembly instructions are included with most of our furniture so please read these through carefully before starting any assembly. We’re also hoping to soon have some video tutorials for customers to follow. Video tutorial here.

Q   What about bar stools? How do I know what size to buy?
A   Your choice of bar stool will be determined by the height of your table or bench so make sure that you measure it before ordering. As a rule of thumb anywhere between 90-100cm would be best served by a 66cm stool. Tables and benches over 100cm in height are best suited to a 76cm stool.

Q   What parts of the world do you ship to?
A    We only ship to Australia and do not ship internationally.

Q    What is the charge for shipping?
We work with a variety of freight carriers to get the best possible quote for you. Freight costs will be dependent on the size of your order as well as your location. Please enquire within for an accurate quote.

   How long will my order take to arrive?
A    Shipping times vary according to the destination. If you need more information please contact us.

Q   Should I do anything at the time of delivery?
A    Check for any missing items or damaged goods once you receive your delivery. You MUST make a note of any damages on the Bill of Lading otherwise we can’t be held responsible.

   What is your returns policy?
   In the event that your item is faulty (including damaged in transit) we’ll be happy to refund the purchase price less the cost of any freight charges that we have incurred. Should you want a replacement then you’ll need to return the item to us and bear the cost of any freight charges for the replacement item. We can’t offer refunds just because you’ve changed your mind.

Q   Do the furniture prices on your website include GST?
 Yes, our prices include GST.

Q   How can I pay?
A   We accept credit card payments over the phone as well as bank transfers. Please note that there will be a 1.1% surcharge for credit card and a 2.2% surcharge should you choose to use American Express.

Q   What does “Paypal verified” mean?
A   Cafe Solutions is a verified Paypal seller. This means that we have passed a series of identification and security checks carried out by Paypal in order to complete the verification process. This in turn means that you can shop online with us with complete confidence.