Social Media Content Ideas That Will Boost Customer Loyalty

Your restaurant and cafe shouldn’t be just a restaurant; it should be one with a great experience. Every great restaurant survives because of the lasting memories they create for their customers.  Social media marketing for your restaurant increases bookings and visibility. In this article, we’ll be looking at various social media content ideas that will […]

How Can Customer Service Impact Your Restaurant And Cafe Business

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A restaurant business thrives on referrals of satisfied customers. These customers are satisfied by what they perceive as reasonable pricing, good food, and high service levels. Restaurant customer service is the care & services a restaurant provides to diners. Customer service in the past applied to a small sliver of time between a customer entering […]

Is Buying Local The Best For Your Cafe And Restaurant

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Did you know that buying locally-sourced food benefits health-conscious and eco-restaurants? Buying locally sourced products provides your customers with healthy meals and wholesome ingredients, supports local agriculture, and improves your business reputation.  Buying local refers to food products served and consumed within a 150-mile radius of where they are grown. Buying local is a trend […]

Liquor Licensing In Your Cafe, Bar, And Restaurant

The sale of alcohol in your restaurant can boost its profits substantially. Acquiring a liquor license is a crucial aspect of starting a restaurant or cafe.  The preparation of alcohol incurs lower labor costs because it is much easier and quicker to prepare a martini than fries and hamburgers.  Selling alcohol comes with many responsibilities, […]

Online Ordering System In Café And Restaurants

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Did you know that many restaurants now offer online ordering systems to streamline the ordering process for all their customers?  This ordering system allows customers to place orders via an app or a website; the customers can also select which item they want and view the restaurant’s menu online. One thing we’ve learned over time […]