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Whether you’re looking to up-grade your existing tables by replacing outdated worn bases or searching for a base to complement a table top to create a custom table, then we’ve just the solution with our range of table bases.

Designed to fit easily to most table tops our table bases are as practical as they are good to look at. Offered in a choice of stainless steel, aluminium and resin and in a variety of heights, and styles, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. A four star bracket is used in all cases to attach the base to the underside of the table top and this ensures an even distribution of weight across the table to prevent it from toppling over.

Choosing your base

When it comes to choosing your base you might want to consider whether you want your tables permanently bolted into position to prevent customers from moving them around to suit themselves, or whether you prefer the flexibility of being able to configure your table plan as and when necessary.
Another consideration is the bane of all café owners – the wobbly table. Not only is this irritating but it’s also quite dangerous and could cause a customer to end up with a dish of hot soup in their laps. We have the solution with our FLAT technology bases which include an innovative self levelling device within the legs putting an end to wobbly tables for ever.