Bar Chair – Stylish and Practical

bar chair
Ladder Back Stool in Dark Walnut with Caramel Cushion

A bar chair is a stylish addition to any café, bar, or restaurant and not only looks stylish but is extremely practical too. Bar chairs are a version of bar stool that comes complete with a backrest that supports the user’s back. The advantage of bar chairs is the support they offer –  particularly over an extended period of time.

Other benefits of bar chairs are that they’re safer for young children and more comfortable for young children and adults to sit on. Additional features such as armrests, wide seats, footrests and an elevated position, making them a firm favourite with customers looking for an alternative seating style. If you are looking for a bar chair, to be sure to select one which complements your existing furniture and/or décor, or it could turn heads for all the wrong reasons.

Bar chairs can help increase revenue

Yes, it’s true! A comfortable bar chair is more likely to encourage a customer to stay longer and, in doing so, there’s every chance that they will order another drink and perhaps a bite to eat as well. Of course, if you’re running more of a quick turnaround establishment, then it’s probably best to choose backless stools instead.

What colour bar chair should I choose?

It’s really a matter of personal taste but generally speaking, a neutral colour is the best choice to match other items of existing furniture. That said, you may be able to source bar chairs to match your existing café or restaurant chairs. Here at Café Solutions, we have ladder back, cross back and Tolix which all match the same style of dining chair.

Does a bar chair take up more room than a bar stool?

Generally speaking, yes it does. A bar chair can’t be pushed under a counter like a backless stool can be. In addition, your customers may be faced with the back-view of your bar chairs when they enter your venue. This is something you may want to take into consideration depending on where your bar chairs are to be used and how much space you have available.

One final thing to consider when choosing a bar chair is to remember that customers will be drinking and often eating when seated, so opt for a material which can be easily wiped clean or removed for washing, should any spillages occur.

Why not check out our bar chairs and browse our online store for more information. Alternatively, if you’d like to see your favourite bar chair up close, then why not drop by our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Our helpful staff will be pleased to answer any questions and help with your choice.