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Benefits of Poseur Tables – Why Your Cafe Needs A Few

benefits of poseur tables

Poseur tables are commonly used in bars and cafes and tend to stand out because of their height. Measuring a distance of around 1050 mm to the floor, they tower over other tables. While they’re too high for standard cafe chairs, they’re perfect with tall bar stools measuring 76 cm. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of poseur tables

Benefits of poseur tables

Maximise floor space

Poseur tables tend to come with a 600mm round or square top and because of their height they’re ideal for slotting into tight corners where there wouldn’t be room for a table and chairs.

They’re commonly used in this type of situation as a table where people can place their newly poured drink while they stand and chat.

They can, however, be paired with a couple of bar stools which can be pushed beneath the table when not in use, again not taking up much room in a limited space.

Add focal interest

Another of the benefits of poseur tables is that they add focal interest. Because of their height they stand out from the crowd and your eyes are naturally drawn to them. Why not use them on the perimeter of your dining space. They’re a great option for solo diners looking to grab a quick coffee and take the weight off their feet for a short time.

Extend your bar counter Because poseur tables are the same height as a bar counter, they can be used as an extension to the counter and used to hold items like condiments, sauces, napkins etc.

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