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Buy Barstools – All You Need to Know

buy barstools - points to consider

Barstools are a popular choice for bars and cafes and give your customers an additional choice of seating. But when you come to buy barstools you may find that it’s a little more confusing than you initially thought with a few questions that need answering such as “what height do I need?”, “should my barstool have a backrest?”, and “what type of material should choose?” Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers you need to help you buy barstools like a pro.

Buying barstools  – 3 Top Tips

Know the height you need

The mistake most people make when buying barstools is choosing the wrong size. Get it wrong, and not only do they look wrong but they’re also very uncomfortable. Here at Cafe Solutions, our stools come in 3 sizes:

Small 46cm This size of stool is for use with standard bar or cafe tables

Medium 66cmChoose this size to go with bar counters

Large 76cmThese extra tall stools are designed to be used with bar tables or poseur tables as they’re also known

Select a style

So now you know what size of stool you need the next step when you buy barstools is to select a style. By doing this, you can narrow down your search even further. A few popular styles include:

  • backless – These are commonly used in cafes and bars and are a good choice if you want to push them beneath a counter out of view when they’re not being used. The downside is that they’re not as comfortable since they don’t support the back, but if you don’t want your customers to linger for too long, they’re still a great option.
  • Stools with backs – These provide more support for customers and generally speaking are more comfortable too. The downside is that they won’t sit beneath a counter and depending on the position of your bar may mean the first thing customers see is a row of stool backs.
  • Swivel stools – These stool offer a more social choice since customers can easily swivel round in their stools to chat more easily to other customers.


As with any other furniture, it’s crucial to make the right choice of material when you’re looking to buy barstools. Your choice should complement existing furniture as choosing metal stools, for example, may be a bad choice if you already have wood furniture. Also, if your stools are to be used outdoors, then the material needs to be weatherproof. The best choice of material four outdoor stools is polypropylene and you’ll find there is a wide choice of modern and more traditional styles and in a wealth of fabulous colours.

Ready to shop?

So now you know exactly what you’re looking for, why not browse our online store or visit our Brisbane showroom for inspiration. We have a wide range of stools at some unbeatable prices and deliver Australia wide