Buy The Perfect Barstool For You

buy the perfect barstool

There’s something special about sitting on your own or with a mate on a couple of barstools. Perhaps it’s the elevation or the fact that it’s just so relaxed and comfortable and makes for a great time. There are times, however, when it doesn’t feel so good and that’s typically when the barstool is all wrong. So, how do you buy the perfect barstool, and what is it anyway?

How to buy the perfect barstool – Top tips

I’m going to start this off by just saying to anyone out there that it’s always best to base your choice of barstool on how it feels to sit on and not just by how it looks

The best test is to try it out for yourself before buying. In my humble opinion, the perfect barstool would have some if not all of the following features:

A Backrest

I can’t say for you, but whenever I sit on a backless stool I quickly find myself slouching and fidgeting. It seems impossible to feel comfortable. Think of your favourite bar or cafe where you friends all hang out – maybe it’s a favourite because it has stools with backrests.

A comfortable seat

Secondary to a backrest, another prerequisite of my perfect barstool is to buy a stool that has a comfortable seat. I mean, come on … who wants to sit on a cold slab of metal or a hard wooden seat? An upholstered seat is far more comfortable particularly if you want to spend quality time with a mate and order a couple of drinks and a bite to eat too.

A footrest

Now there’s one thing I particularly dislike and that’s having my legs dangle when sitting on a stool. A footrest is a must-have item and also makes it easier to mount and dismount.


Being able to move my barstool is also important to me. For example, I may want to move it a little closer to the bar counter or perhaps a little further back to accommodate my knees. I might want to move it along a short way so that another person can join us or I might want to move closer to my companion to whisper something quietly in their  ear. You get my gist. So when you’re looking to buy the perfect barstool always consider how easy it will be for you to move it around to where you want it to be.


Ah, yes, height. Presumably you know that barstools come in a variety of heights. Get it wrong and not only will your stool look wrong but it certainly won’t feel comfortable either. Too low and you’re feel like a child and too high and you may not be able to get your knees beneath the table. Here at Cafe Solutions, our stools come in 3 heights.

  • 46cm – to pair with a standard cafe table
  • 66 cm – to pair with a bar counter
  • 76cm – to pair with a bar table/poseur table


The last feature of my perfect bar stool, or any barstool for that matter, is stability. I do not want to sit on a wobbly barstool that feels precarious especially when drinking a mug of piping hot coffee.

So, there you have it ….. what I want when I buy a perfect barstool. How about you?

Shop barstools

Here at Cafe Solutions, we have a wide range of barstools in a variety of materials, colours and sizes. Know what you’re looking for and it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that’s perfect for you. Why not browse our online store or drop by our Brisbane showroom to try them out for yourself.