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Buyers Guide For The Perfect Stool

Cafe stools can enhance your space when placed in specific areas of your diners, counter spaces or entryways. Cafe stools are versatile and can add class and style to any restaurant, bar, or cafe. 

At Cafe Solutions, we offer a wide variety of options for stool seating including indoor and outdoor options. One amazing feature of cafe stools is that it improves the aesthetics of any area it is being used, especially cafes and bars.

However, Cafe stools are considered useless if they are an inappropriate height. This guide will offer you some advice on what type of cafe stools are appropriate and will suit your cafe’s style and guests.

Choosing The Right Stool

When it comes to purchasing the right cafe stool for your premise, height is very important. You will need to ensure you measure your table heights correctly. Cafe stools can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. For outdoor spaces, you’ll need stools that are suitable for outdoor use, such as polypropylene.  Polypropylene stools are best suited for outdoors as they contain extra UV protection (where needed), they won’t rust and they are weather resistant. For indoor spaces you have more flexibility with materials used as it is not being exposed to outdoor conditions. 

The following should be considered before buying cafe stools; 

1. Where To Position The Stools.

Based on the size of your cafe, you need to decide where you’ll place the stools. For instance, some cafe stools come with a backrest. These stools are a wonderful selection, but they take up more space than other stools with no backrest. So, you’ll need to consider the available space to position them. 

2. How Many Cafe Stools Do I Need?

You can’t judge by eye how many stools will fit perfectly into your cafe space. You will need to measure and calculate how many stools will give you the perfect amount of room.

3. What Height Do You Need For Your Table?

Our Cafe Stools come in 3 general sizes, Small (44cm-47cm), Medium (64cm-67cm)  and Tall (74cm-77cm). For a small stool you will require a table height of up to 80cm, for a medium stool you will require a table height up to 100cm and for a tall stool you will require a table height above 100cm. 

4. Choice Of Colour.

Your choice of colour has a major impact on the feel and look of the room. If you visit the most modern cafes, you will notice neutral tones.

Neutral Colours are the most versatile as they can go with most combinations. Brighter colours such as orange or red are less versatile but would create some extra contrast. 

5. Be On The Lookout For Extra Features.

With the number of available cafe stools, you should take notice of extra features on these stools. Extra features can include foot rests, back rests or even arms. It is important you choose features that will compliment your space.


On A Final Note;

At Cafe Solutions, our cafe stools come with years of longevity, style and comfort. Visit our website to browse through our selection of cafe stools or Visit us in our showroom. With our top-notch customer service, you are assured of excellent service and product.