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Buy Cafe Chairs Online at Café Solutions

Bow Chair in Deep Walnut

Whether you’re new to the café/restaurant business and are looking through your seating options, or you are looking to upgrade your current stock of chairs, we can help. At Café Solutions, we have a wide range of indoor and outdoor commercial-grade chairs for you to choose from. In various styles of wood and metal, we have the right café chair to suit your style, décor or design.

So what should you look for in the right café chair?

Although style and design are a personalised choice – we’ll get onto this later – there are certain criteria that you might want to look for to ensure you get the right chair for your needs.

Any café/restaurant chair needs to be commercial-grade

While it may be very tempting for your wallet or purse to opt for a set of retail-grade chairs, you can count on one thing – you’ll be rebuying quicker than you think. Retail-grade chairs are in reality designed for use at home. As such they are built in such a way that they serve a small family well – usually for many years.

Imagine though if you put those same chairs in a busy café/restaurant setting. A place where hundreds if not thousands of people will sit over time and drink a coffee or eat a meal. Chances are they wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

Commercial-grade chairs, on the other hand, are designed to withstand exactly that. They have stronger joints and are made with durable materials. They have undergone rigorous AFRDI testing to ensure that they don’t buckle under the slightest hint of wear and tear and are usually stainproof, weatherproof and easily cleaned.

It needs to be fit for purpose

Are you looking for café chairs to accompany tables on a terrace or pavement area, or are they for cosy indoor use? Naturally, not all chairs are created equal. Chairs for external use are usually made from non-wood materials such as aluminium or timber-look tubular steel for obvious reasons, while indoor café chairs are often made from wood because it creates a more cosy, relaxing feel. Whatever you decide, make sure the chairs you buy are fit for purpose.

To arm or not to arm – that is the question!

While café chairs with arms can create a relaxing sumptuous feel, they also take up more space. This might not be a great idea if you’re looking to maximise your profit against the space you have and can also hinder movement for waiting staff in and around tables. Alternatively, if used outside on a large terrace armed chairs can create a real sense of grandeur without spending a fortune.

So now you know what to look for in the right café chairs, What about style?

At Cafe Solutions, we have a wide selection of wood and metal café chairs to match your style design or décor. How about a Black Cabaret Chair for that chic Parisienne feel? Or a sumptuous Bow Chair in Deep Walnut or a comfortable tub chair in charcoal for that antique, old-world style. Alternatively, go industrial with a Gun-metal Cross-back Bentwood chair, or for something completely out there, why not consider a bright green ribbon chair to add a splash of colour. Whatever you decide, we have the perfect café chairs for you.

If you are in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne then feel free to drop into our Café Solutions warehouse where you can see many of our café chairs in the flesh. Alternatively, you can browse from the comfort of your armchair when you download our detailed catalogue. Either way, our friendly and experienced team are on hand to help you make the right decision.