Choosing The Right Base Style For Your Café And Restaurant

Anytime you want to purchase any table base that will suit your cafe/restaurant, you should have these three things in mind; style, space, and height. Understand that not all table bases fit every tabletop, for instance, a round table base works best with a round table top, square tables work best with cross bases, etc. 

Using a thick table base with an oval-shaped table may not give your customers enough room to move their legs freely. 

With the wrong table base, a customer could lean on the table and cause everything placed on it to fall. This would ruin your customer’s dining experience. 

Keep on reading to know how to choose the right base style for your cafe /restaurant. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Table Bases

1) Table Size And Shape: This is one of the important factors to consider when choosing the right table base is the shape and size of your table. 

These two should be considered exclusively because you can’t afford to have a table that won’t fit inside your cafe/restaurant space. 

If you choose to purchase a rectangular table, do not opt for a narrow table base; this table base will lack balance leaving you with discontented customers. 

2) Types Of Bases: There are different table bases for your beautiful tabletop. There are round table bases that are great options for round table tops, square tables work great with tripod bases or X-shaped bases. 

For rectangular table tops twin bases should be used.

3) Base Height: The right height of your base can heighten your customer’s dining experience. If you choose to use a taller table base in your restaurant, it will add extra scope to the ambiance of your establishment. 

Dining Table height is around the 72cm mark which is the most common table height for dining experiences. Bar height tables are generally around the 110cm mark and should be used with tall stools for a more casual vibe.

4) Material Used: You have to carefully consider the material the table bases are made from. One of the most popular materials used is stainless steel; this stainless steel is durable, reliable, and easy to clean. 

Another durable material is cast iron. This material is the most reliable when it comes to table bases, it’s features include; 

  • It is sturdy and heavy making it difficult to move. 
  • It comes with a powder and paint-coated finish that helps prevent chipping due to its rough texture. 
  • It is the most recommended because it is durable and has longer longevity. 

Aluminum is another material that makes viable support, although cast iron or stainless stee are more durable.

On A Final Note;

Your customers may not notice anything about your cafe/restaurant but will instantly notice your table once they sit for a meal. A decent table should offer the following; dependability, extraordinary support, and stillness. 

Hopefully, this article will help in your choice-making, or better still you can shop directly from cafe solutions where all you want for your cafe/restaurant is readily made available, you can shop directly from cafe solutions where all you want for your cafe/restaurant is readily available.