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Cross Stools

Stools are the oldest forms of furnishings that serve as decorative pieces. Cross stools have been in existence as far back as the 19th century, and it’s still in production in this 21st century. 

Cross stools are generally well-known pieces of furniture that are perfect for use in your home, offices, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. 

At Cafe Solutions, we construct our cross stools with special care; back then, they were made of metal, wood, and fabric, but presently, durable materials are added when constructing cross stools. 

Cross stools are a wonderful addition to your home or business as they can be used in a variety of settings. Our Cross Stools are exceptional choices for setting your general interior tone.

Description Of Our Cross Stools

1) Materials: Our Cross Stools are made of a polypropylene-single mold injection that is then reinforced with solid fiberglass.

2) Dimensions: Our Tall Cross Stools are suited for Bar Table heights. This is generally tables that are over 100cm from the floor to underside of the table.

Note: Before you purchase our Cross Stool, ensure you take appropriate measurements of your table.

Follow this guide; If the table is over 100 cm is best suited to a Tall Cross Stool.

Our furniture is affordable and reliable, ranging in sophisticated designs and colors that will perfectly match your business’s theme and decor.

Benefits Of Cross Stools

1) Perfect For Indoor And Outdoor Use: Our Cross Stools are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. When used indoors, it enhances the overall interior decoration of your space. 

For outdoor settings, they are sturdy, comfortable, versatile, and can withstand diverse weather conditions. 

2) Colours: Our Cross Stools are available in unique, classy, and neutral colors. If you want your space to give off creative vibes, combine bold colors with our cross stools’ neutral palette – this will create a sophisticated and elegant ambiance.

3) Durability: Our Cross Stools are built to last, and the materials we use to construct our cross stool adds an extra covering of protection against marks, dents, and scratches. 

Also, they are lightweight and can be moved easily to different positions so that you can meet your customer’s needs.

4) Easy Maintenance: Cafe Solutions Cross Stools do not require intense maintenance after you purchase them.

Cleaning our Cross Stools is hassle-free; you can easily wipe off dust and stains with a clean and damp towel cloth.

Other Vital Features

Quality: Commercial grade.

Assembly: Assembly required.

Stackable: No.

On A Final Note;

At Cafe Solutions, we have cafe chairs and stools that will cause your cafe, office restaurant, etc., to stand out from competitors. 

We also have indoor and outdoor chairs, Parisian chairs, and industrial chairs in stock. Visit our website now to learn all about our products and services.