Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Furniture

When you want to design the interior of any space, it is vital you know the differences between commercial furniture and domestic furniture. 

Commercial furniture is durable pieces of furniture; they are built to last since they are used in high-traffic environments which means they can withstand wear and tear. 

Domestic furniture is not built to experience traffic of a high magnitude. In this article lies the differences between commercial and domestic furniture.

To a domestic consumer, furniture is furniture that is used for the same purpose – they do not necessarily have to consider whether or not the furniture will uphold high flow use. Commercial furniture is generally found in hospitals, hotels, office buildings, malls, restaurants, cafes, etc. 

On the other hand, domestic furniture is pieces of furniture that are made for household or personal use. Domestic furniture cannot be used in commercial settings however Commercial furniture can be used in domestic settings.

Differences Between Commercial And Domestic Furniture

1) Purpose: Commercial Furniture is designed for high traffic environments. They are seen as functional because they have been designed to satisfy the needs of whoever will be using them. They are often seen as functional rather than attractive.

Domestic furniture on the other hand is purchased based on the individual’s choice of buying them. Though they play a functional role, they must be combined with a sense of attractiveness that draws people to purchase them and use them in their homes. 

2) Appearance: All commercial furniture is built and designed with a modern look that is up to date with the commercial business world. 

Commercial furniture designs are sleek and come with clean lines that present a functional distance that must be upheld between those visiting and those working in the office space. 

Domestic furniture offers appearance and comfort somewhat more than functionality. Domestic furniture has features that include durability, comes with ornate designs, they have a softer feel and is more rounded. Finally, they are built to last for many years. 

3) Materials: Commercial furniture is made with durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain, while domestic furniture can be designed with any material and are more for aesthetic purposes.

The products used in domestic furniture are not designed for commercial purposes because they cannot withstand the daily stress of being used every day. 

4) Shape: Domestic furniture tends to be more trendy because they have been designed based on the needs of the individual who is using it.It is used to complement their space and style. These pieces are built to be convenient, comfortable, and sturdy.

Most domestic furniture is built with sophisticated parts and curves which upgrade the aesthetics of your space. 

On A Final Note;

Commercial and domestic furniture is designed with class, enough support, and stability. Cafe Solutions has unique commercial furniture that can also be used in a domestic setting. Visit our website to discover all our commercial and domestic furniture.