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Discover The Benefits of a High Bar Table

Tolix high bar table

If you need a high bar table then you’ve come to the right place. Our bar tables come in a variety of styles, patterns and colours are provide the perfect solution for maximising your floor space and making use of those awkward corners and small recesses.

You may often find a high bar table referred to as a poseur table. Typically this refers to a stand-alone table that is used as a place for customers to rest their drinks while they stand chatting in small groups. Of course, they can be paired with equally tall stools providing elevated seating with a view.

At Cafe Solutions, we’re all about giving our customers options which is why we provide complete bar table packages as well as custom bar tables that customers can create by mixing and matching tabletops and bar table bases to achieve the look they’re after.

High bar table packages 

These offer great value for money and include a choice of high-quality 600 mm Isotop table tops paired with either a contemporary black or silver bar table base or more traditional Tolix bar table base.

Custom bar table

If you can’t find what you want in a table package then we make it extremely easy for customers to design it themselves by choosing from a wide range of tabletops and bar bases. Some of our best-selling bar bases include the circular stainless steel bar base and the circular steel bar base in matte black with a stylish gold tip. Another option you might want to consider is our bolt-in stainless steel bar base which lends a modern contemporary look while keeping the table secure and wobble-free.

Where to use a high bar table

A high bar table is handy for placing in awkward corners to maximise floor space but if your cafe has a window wall, you might want to consider placing them along the entire wall complete with matching stools. They’re perfectly positioned for customers looking to grab a quick coffee first thing in the morning and also for solo diners and prevents them from taking up a table intended for 4 customers.

High bar tables also work well outside on a terrace and look great when paired with weather resistant stools such as our Air stools which come in a wide range of vibrant colours designed to add colour to your outdoor space. If you’re looking for outdoor stools without a backrest then our Parisian stools are well worth taking a look at and match our Parisian chairs for a cohesive flow.

Customers love choices, so it’s always a good idea to invest in different styles of seating.

Why not visit browse our online store for inspiration or visit our Brisbane showroom to take a closer look. Our team of furniture experts are happy to answer any of your questions.