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Good Design Tips for Busy Restaurants

design tips for busy restaurants

An appealing design, welcoming ambience, tasty food, and great customer service are all factors which contribute to the overall success of a restaurant. While many restauranteurs offer mouth-watering dishes, this can sometimes be undermined if factors like good design aren’t incorporated to provide a great customer dining experience.

Many of the problems faced by restaurants can be solved by taking on board some of our tips.

Balance the ambience

The interior of your restaurant should be attractive and comfortable to make your guests feel welcome as they come through the doors. Ensure that your décor reflects your branding and represents either your personality or the cuisine that you’re serving.

Plain white walls can seem a little boring. Try using colour on one wall to add depth or to pump up the mood of your guests. Certain warm colours like orange and red, for example, are known to increase people’s appetite and the colour green instils a feeling of health.

Organise your seating

The number and configuration of chairs and tables depends on both the shape and size and your dining space and the type of customers your restaurant attracts. Booth seating is great for young families as it enables them to seat their children against an inner wall to prevent them from fidgeting. Communal tables are a good idea if you often cater to large groups, but we recommend you also offer other types of seating for those customers who want to dine alone.

Good lighting

Nobody wants to eat in a dimly lit restaurant where they can’t see what they’re eating but neither do they want the lighting to be too bright. Using a variety of lighting methods helps set the mood. For instance, hanging pendants suspended over individual tables enables people seated to see what they’re eating whereas the restaurant’s ceiling lights could be dimmed down to give more of a relaxing ambience. Make sure that entrances to toilets and bar areas are well lit, too.

Ensure your exterior is attractive

First impressions count, and if the outside of your venue looks dated, shabby, or is a horrible colour, then people will pass it by.

Make sure your exterior is well maintained and attractive. Keep your windows clean and the painting fresh. Consider adding some tubs of flowers or hanging baskets and ensure your logo can be easily spotted

Train your staff

Finally, ensure that your staff are well trained and attentive. Once everyone knows exactly what they should be doing, it’s easier for them to work as a team.

Running a busy restaurant will keep you on your toes but good customer service, a great ambience, and wonderful food will keep guests coming back for more. Meanwhile, if you need any restaurant furniture, why not browse our online store or visit our showroom in Brisbane to take a closer look.