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Growing Trend In Seafood Supply

The steady growth of every seafood supply is attributed to the awareness of its health benefits regarding a change in the lifestyle of consumers and seafood. Non-vegetarians are changing their lifestyle and are significantly adapting to pescetarianism. 

Pescetarianism refers to vegetarian meals alongside seafood but does not include beef, poultry, pork, etc., due to consumers’ preference for a healthy diet.


How To Get Quality Seafood Supply

1) Decide Between Frozen And Fresh Seafood: As a restaurant owner, the quality of your food products is the most crucial factor when looking for a seafood supplier.

To serve the finest meals in your high-end restaurant or cafe, you need to source the best ingredients. Experienced chefs love using quality products, and the quality of any seafood is its freshness.

Frozen fish is as fresh as it gets. Freezing fish quickly as four hours after being caught locks in all the nutrients and seals the freshness. 

Frozen seafood reduces the risk of being spoilt and exceeding its use-by date. Ensure your seafood supplier knows how to store frozen seafood, especially fish, correctly.

2) Establish Your Food Budget: Buying high-quality seafood is a priority, but you must establish a thorough budget when buying ingredients. Work closely with your finance department; work out budgets for seafood, canned foods, dried goods, meat, etc., so all your supplies are covered.

Seafood menu items like oysters, scallops, and lobster tails are expensive, causing your suppliers to charge more. Once these seafood are prepared excellently, your customers will be ready to pay more for this premium seafood.

If your customers find your premium seafood to be very expensive, there are other seafood options you can use to replace this premium seafood, like clams and shrimp; they have the potential for a higher markup due to low prices.

You can choose to buy frozen seafood because of its ease of storage and because they are more cost-effective. A high-profile industry name said frozen seafood holds up better prices.

3) Research Thoroughly: When searching for a good seafood supplier, you need to know where their products are sourced. Talk with distributors, and find out if their fishing practices are done in-house or through a wholesaler.

It is your right to know about their supply chain because you might become part of it. The right seafood suppliers will have all the vital information published on their websites and be transparent about the source of their seafood.

On A Final Note;

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