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Hospitality Furniture Trends that are Hot Right Now

hospitality furniture trends

Your hospitality furniture sets the mood and ambience of your venue and plays a major role in the experience you offer your customers. It acts to show your customers the type of vibe they can expect before you’ve even served them any food. Creating an attractive or quirky space is even more important with customers wanting to share their experience on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Trends come and go particularly in the hospitality sector but if you can nail the right design and incorporate a few popular restaurant trends, you can attract more diners and increase your turnover. With this in mind, here are some hospitality furniture trends that are hot right now.

Parisian Cafe Dining

Instagram has caused Parisian furniture to become one of the hottest cafe furniture trends. Vacation snaps taken of the city streets in and around the French capital, Paris, have encouraged cafe owners to offer their guests a touch of Europe. Woven cane armchairs with contrasting colours are crammed into every city street and the popular bentwood chair and cafe tables fitted to ornate Paris bases are spotted at a huge range of venues from casual cafes to fine dining establishments. This trend is easy to achieve with mixing these 3 types of furniture and hanging some Parisian artwork on the walls

Outdoor Dining

Yes, we know that outdoor dining is nothing new here in Australia but thanks to the rise of social media, outdoor areas have changed from simple beer gardens to imaginative, high-end spaces decked out with fabulous seating, colourful foliage, and decorative features. The key to perfecting your outdoor dining space is to ensure that your furniture is intended specifically for outdoor use and can withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Hospitality Furniture Trends – Bar Seating

Whether it’s to create a space for your guests while they wait to be shown to their table, to accommodate overflow, or to attract diners who want to enjoy some canapes along with a few cocktails, bar seating is a great choice for any venue. Not only are bar stools a practical addition, but it’s an easy way to offer your guests something different. Bar stools aren’t just for the bar either. They’re being paired with bar tables to offer customers intimate elevated dining and placed beneath counters close to the kitchen so diners can watch the chef at work.

Lounge Seating

Whether it’s tub chairs, squishy sofas, or built-in booths, lounge seating has come back with a vengeance. This comfortable hospitality furniture trend attracts diners that are looking to settle in and make themselves comfortable at a venue. It’s also good for casual venues such as cafes where people want to chill out and enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake during a catch-up with their friends.

For advice on using different types of hospitality furniture trends in your venue, get in touch with the experienced team at Cafe Solutions. Better still, browse our online store for inspiration and visit our Brisbane showroom for ideas.