How Can Customer Service Impact Your Restaurant And Cafe Business

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A restaurant business thrives on referrals of satisfied customers. These customers are satisfied by what they perceive as reasonable pricing, good food, and high service levels.

Restaurant customer service is the care & services a restaurant provides to diners. Customer service in the past applied to a small sliver of time between a customer entering and exiting the restaurant. 

Many people come to your restaurant, order their meals,  pay,  and leave; the only signal they enjoyed their meal is the huge tips they leave behind.

Presently, customer service extends beyond its previous scope; it is expanding into loyalty programs, social media, Email marketing, and many more. 

Now, many restaurants have chosen to create great experiences at every touch point of their restaurants and not just at the dinner table alone. This article will enlighten you more about customer service. 

Every year, many restaurants fail due to lackluster service or poor management; poor customer service can make or break your business. 

When you improve your restaurant’s customer service, you can turn around negative reviews, improve your bottom line, and strengthen your brand. 

Three Aspects Of Good Customer Service 

The three(3) critical aspects of good customer service are;

1. Attentiveness.

This factor is vital.  Your wait-staff should always check on customers to ensure they have everything they need and enjoy their meal.

2. Efficiency.

This factor is vital to keep your customer’s dining experience running smoothly. Your wait-staff should take customers’ orders quickly and be timely when bringing their food & drinks.

3. Friendliness.

It is the most vital aspect of good customer service. Your customers should feel welcome when they enter your restaurant, and all your wait-staff should be accommodating and polite.

Providing these three services to your customers will deliver a positive dining experience, and they will likely return with family and friends. 

Effective Customer Service Strategies

1. Empowering And Training Staff.

One critical component of good customer service is having empowered and well-trained staff. 

Investing in the development and training of your staff will equip them with the right skills and knowledge to provide exceptional customer service.

It can include empowering staff to solve problems and make wise decisions, training them on customer service techniques, teamwork,  encouraging open communication, and more.

When you create a supportive work environment, it fosters growth and development; it also results in increased business success, customer satisfaction, and improved employee morale. 

2. Maintaining High Standards Of Sanitation And Cleanliness.

This strategy is critical for delivering excellent customer service in your restaurant. Every customer expects a safe and clean dining environment down to the most minor details.

Ensure your restaurant regularly sanitize surfaces, keep bathrooms in tip-top shape, and provide ample supplies of hand sanitizers. 

You can create a sanitary environment by adopting food safety protocols like keeping the kitchen clean, using gloves when preparing meals, and more. Prioritizing sanitation & cleanliness gives your customers a pleasant dining experience and peace of mind.

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