How to Choose Cafe Furniture Without Overspending – 4 Top Tips

choose cafe furniture without overspending

Opening a new cafe comes with its unique set of challenges and one thing you can be sure of it is that it doesn’t come cheap especially when you factor in the cost of furniture for inside and outdoor spaces. Buying the right cafe furniture is one of the most difficult decisions that you face when setting up a new cafe and the choice will impact the vibe of your cafe as well as your budget. So, it makes sense to be smart when it comes to the furniture you buy and where you buy it from.

How much does cafe furniture cost?

It’s probably not that useful to know that the cost of cafe furniture depends on what you buy and how much you need but what we can say is that it is a significant cost in your business particularly when you have to factor in other necessary start-up items such as kitchen equipment, salaries, and monthly rentals.

With this in mind, how do you choose cafe furniture without overspending and still get the look and style you envisage? From cafe tables and chairs to stools and parasols it starts with using the right supplier and the right type of products. With some research, it’s possible to save thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. Here are some quick tips for finding cafe furniture for less.

1. Work with a single supplier

Rather than shopping around for each furniture item on your list stay with one furniture supplier and try to negotiate a bulk price on your order.

2. Know your materials

To choose cafe furniture without overspending you need to know your materials. Higher quality materials like wood and wrought iron may set you back more initially but long term they need fewer replacements. Another alternative when choosing tables and chairs is to look for alternative materials such as modern laminates that offer the same durability and look without the hefty price tag.

3. Measure your space accurately.

To ensure you don’t purchase more furniture than you need, be sure to measure your space and double-check the measurements. Using graph paper, work on the best layout for your space and this way you can determine the amount of furniture you need rather than guessing.

4. Stay true to your style

Don’t settle for second best just to save yourself a few dollars. Cohesion is all-important as is creating ambience. Work with your chosen supplier who may be able to offer up options that have the desired aesthetic and narrow down your search accordingly.

How to choose cafe furniture without overspending – One-on-one help

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