How to Choose the Right Cafe Table For Your Venue

choose right cafe table

You’d think that buying a cafe table would be easy but with so many variants from round or square to indoor or outdoor, making the right choice can be a challenge. So how do you choose the right cafe table, what are the factors to consider? Read on to find out more

In or Outdoor Table

The initial consideration is whether you’re looking to buy an indoor or an outdoor table. If the table is for outdoor use then both the top and the base needs to be weather-resistant even if the tables will be covered overnight. We suggest you choose your outdoor tables first and then match your indoor tables to them.

Suitable weather-resistant materials for outdoor tables include solid laminate, polypropylene and aluminium. When deciding on the colour it’s worth considering that darker shades may fade a little in the sunlight so we’d suggest choosing lighter shades for outdoors.

The table base needs to be sturdy and durable. Ideal materials include cast iron, polypropylene and aluminium or stainless steel. Choosing a base with a textured surface will help reduce the signs of wear and tear.

Choose the right cafe table – folding vs stacking?

It’s also important to consider storage before deciding on your cafe tables. Both folding and stackable tables have their benefits; Either type of table fits into a small storage space. Folding tables don’t need as much lifting which makes them easier to place into storage plus they are often on castors to allow for easy manoeuvrability. The drawback of a folding table, however, is that often they’re very small – usually in a 60cm size – in comparison to a regular 80 cm x 80 cm stackable table that can accommodate 4 people.

Round or square table?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both round and square tables. Square tables are often the preferred choice because they can be pushed together to make a larger table. The downside is that due to having a bigger top, they require a more bulky base, which makes the table heavier and more difficult to move.

Round tables, particularly 60 cm round tables, are more suitable for small awkward spaces. With no corners, more people can at a push squeeze around them too.

Hardest wearing material for a table to

The hardest wearing material for cafe table tops is laminate. Isotop tables are made from layers of resin, wax, and plantation wood chip moulded together under high temperatures and pressure to produce a tough sturdy top that is water-resistant, stain and scratch-resistant. Even better, there are tons of patterns, sizes, and colours to choose from which makes it even easier to choose the right cafe table for your venue.

How to choose the right cafe table with ease

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