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Interactive Entertainment

One way to keep customers coming, aside from the excellent food, is to offer them pleasant experiences they can’t forget in a hurry. Many people are interested in spending money on entertainment experiences; this gives your restaurant the opportunity to succeed even more.

If your customers are eager for interactive entertainment, you can use this opportunity to engage them with workshops and educational events.

Interactive entertainment is essential in keeping your customers glued to their seats more, thereby increasing profit for your business. Restaurant entertainment comes in various sizes and shapes, but excitement is the consistent element.

How Can Interactive Entertainment Boost Your Restaurants Bottom Line

1) It helps with upsells. For example, if you host a wine-tasting event, your customers will have the opportunity to learn about wines, causing them to purchase more bottles of wine from your place or upgrade to a  wine when they next visit.

2) Unique ambiance. The excitement and energy of interactive entertainment are contagious in the best way. Customers will return because they want to be part of the vibe in your restaurant.

3) It makes waiting interesting. Interactive entertainment helps disguise pain points, as slow service won’t be slow again when customers have something interactive and fun to focus on.

4) Interactive entertainment increases visits for existing and prospective customers. Most customers that usually come once a month may begin to drop by every time, especially during trivia night or a different kind of interactive entertainment.

Different Types Of Interactive Entertainment


1) Craft Workshop: It includes;

Pint-Glass Painting: Provide painting supplies and pint glasses to customers and allow them to get creative. You can choose an experienced staff to host the event and guide your customers.

Build A Terrarium: Make provisions for customers with supplies like plants, soils, and stones to create a personal terrarium. 

This interactive entertainment will keep your customers busy by giving them something to take home and associating it with your restaurant event.

Paint And Sip: Hire the services of an expert artist for this one- the artist will guide your customers through a painting session as they eat appetizers and sip their favorite beverage. This will leave a lasting impact on their memory.

2) Arcade Games: You can bring back the 90s nostalgia with some old-school arcade games like space invaders. I guarantee that many individuals will line up in your restaurant to play and also compete with your customers.

3) Poetry Slams: Encourage your customers to let out their inner poets and take part in a poetry contest that will be held in your café/restaurant.

Offer discounts to every participant who signs up, allowing the audience to choose the winner. You can offer the winner a free meal and drink for a short duration.

On A Final Note;

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