Is Buying Local The Best For Your Cafe And Restaurant

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Did you know that buying locally-sourced food benefits health-conscious and eco-restaurants? Buying locally sourced products provides your customers with healthy meals and wholesome ingredients, supports local agriculture, and improves your business reputation. 

Buying local refers to food products served and consumed within a 150-mile radius of where they are grown. Buying local is a trend presently, with many benefits. Keep on Reading to know why buying local is best for your business. 

Reasons Why You Should Buy Local

1. Locally-sourced Products Helps Your Local Economy.

Buying from local farms around you means more money goes back to your community. Research shows that buying local leads to higher income per capita which means potentially happy consumers and a more robust local economy. 

2. Locally-sourced Food Is More Fresh.

The average distance vegetables and fruit travel in the U.S. before reaching their last destination is 1500 miles. When you can purchase these food products from large distributors, you’re getting produce that has been planted, picked, and preserved to make that long journey. 

But when you buy locally, you get food products that are just harvested. Local food products are much fresher and more appealing to consumers.

3. Buying Local Provide Your Restaurants With Seasonal Menu Inspiration. 

With local food, you must keep the seasons in mind because your local farmers only grow particular food while they are in season. 

It means you can constantly change your menu with these specialty items that are available for a short period.

4. Buying Local Appears To Appeal To Tourists.

If your restaurant is in an area popular with tourists, you can add locally-sourced food. Doing this appeals to tourist who wants an authentic, fresh, and unique food experience. 

5. Locally Sourced Food Is Environmentally Friendly.

Because locally-sourced food does not have to go through all that travel and the preservatives, it’s better for the environment. Buying local helps lower your restaurant’s carbon footprint. 

Vital Step To Take When Buying Local. 

1. Choose Your Supplier Wisely.

Choosing your supplier is the most crucial step in buying locally. Your supplier or vendor should be reliable and reputable because if you pick haphazardly, you will encounter disappointment. 

Ask these questions when considering suppliers; 

  1. What is your delivery schedule? Does your local farmer offer a delivery schedule requiring you to pick up the products yourself or fit their requirements?
  2. How does your pricing work? Are they similar to the other vendors you’ve communicated with? Does the supplier offer a discount or exchange for a guaranteed order? Note that when comparing prices, the cheapest option is usually not in the best state. 
  3. What does your food taste like? Never offer any food you haven’t tasted, especially when it’s coming straight from the farm. 

Not all food product is equal; you can ignore uniformity when not working with distributors. 

  1. Evaluate which items make more sense to buy locally. Carry out background work, ask around, and try to uncover every locally-sourced food farm in your region. 

Constantly visit any farmers market closest to you and be introduced to local food products you can get fresh in your area. 

On A Final Note;

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