Laminate Table Tops – Why Your Bar or Cafe Needs Them

laminate table tops

Have you noticed that more and more cafes and bars seem to be furnishing their venues with laminate table tops? Why is this and what benefits are there? Read on to learn the benefits of laminate table tops to see if they’re right for you.

Benefits of laminate table tops

Easy maintenance

One of the main advantages of laminate table tops is the ease at which they can be cleaned. All that’s generally needed to remove spills and food debris is a wipe with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent. It makes them a perfect choice during the Coronavirus pandemic since they’re also easy to sanitise between customers with a spray.

Strong and durable

Naturally you don’t want to be replacing your tables every couple of years and with our Isotop laminate table tops you won’t need to. These stylish table tops are exceptionally strong and are manufactured using an innovate technique that combines plantation wood with wax and resin, heats and moulds it at a high temperature and pressure, and then finishes them off with a layer of protective laminate.

With no seams and sealed edges, moisture and bacteria are prevented from getting under the surface and into the wood below. These table tops are hygienic and practical for use within the hospitality industry.

Tabletops for all spaces and tastes

Another benefit of these laminate table tops s that they come in a wide variety of attractive patterns and colours. whether you’re looking for a rustic maple style, contemporary black granite or grungy cement, you’ll find it.

Even better, each design comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes and includes coffee tables, bistro tables, dining tables, bar tables, and communal tables. This enables you to maximise your floor space and mix and match as you see fit. Isotop table tops can be purchased individually for use with an existing table base or can be bought as table packages which include a stylish base. Shopping for tables couldn’t be any easier or convenient.

Budget friendly option

Now, you’re probably thinking that these laminate table tops are going to cost you an arm and a leg but you’d be wrong. While Isotop are one of the leading manufacturers of commercial table tops they have cleverly positioned themselves in the middle price bracket, Not ridiculously cheap and not highly-priced either. Instead they come in at an affordable price without any compromise on quality.

Need laminate table tops?

Why not browse our range of Isotop table tops and table packages and see for yourself. We also stock a great range of table bases if you want to customise your next set of tables. Got any questions? Call the experts at Cafe Solutions.