Looking for Something Different? Check out the Bouchon Stool

bouchon stool

At Cafe Solutions, we’re excited to announce the arrival of the Bouchon Stool. The seat in natural cork is supported by a steel rod frame and bears a startling resemblance to a champagne cork – albeit a gigantic champagne cork!

The Bouchon stool bears all the qualities that we’ve come to expect from Italian design. Quality, funkiness, and fun.

The Bouchon stool is great for private and business life and works just as well in a cafe environment as it does a trendy warehouse apartment. Standing at 66cms high, it works perfectly with standard counter heights and breakfast bars and features a built -in footstool to support the user’s legs.

Benefits of the Bouchon Stool

Natural cork has a lovely warm feel about it and is also a great way of adding texture to your interior design. It’s also lightweight and waterproof – which are two handy qualities if you’re using this stool in a cafe or bar.

Another selling point of this fabulous Bouchon stool is that the seat lends itself to branding. You could add your company logo, the outline of a cup of steaming coffee, or even the word ‘coffee’ to give your stools a unique look and help stand your cafe out from the crowd.

The Bouchon stool provides cafe owners with many other benefits too:

  • Lightweight – Stools are perfect in cafes and bars for those times that you need additional seating. Since the Bouchon stool is lightweight it’s easy to move it around from one place to another.
  • Strong and durable – Manufactured with a steel frame, the stool is strong and durable. Black gloss powder coating helps protect the frame and prevents it from marking and makes a good contrast to the cork seat.
  • Stackable – Bouchon stools can be stacked which is ideal for those with limited storage space. It means they can be stored in a small cupboard and bought out at your busiest times.
  • Sustainable – Sustainable furniture is big news right now, and cork being environmentally friendly is also considered sustainable.

In addition to the above benefits, a Bouchon stool looks great in modern and traditional environments. The metal frame means they will fit well into industrial themes and work alongside other minimalist furniture styles.

It would also work within a light airy Scandinavian style which is very popular at the moment. Bouchon stools could be paired with light ash tables or counters and sleek wooden floors.

Here at Cafe Solutions we stock an extensive range of bars stools and are regularly adding to our collection. Why not browse our online store or visit our Brisbane showroom to see the quality for yourself.