Metal Bar Stools For Your Café or Bar

metal bar stools
Replica Tolix Stool With Padded Seat

A themed café or bar is more attractive to customers and is also great for conversations. Our metal bar stools come in many different styles to support your theme and with plenty to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. Metal stools are extremely versatile and many of them can be used indoors and outside, enabling a seamless flow from one area of your bar to another. Easy to clean, too, our commercial-grade metal stools are also built to last. With our selection, you’re sure to find a stool that complements your décor. Why not consider adding some high bar stools for another area of your café or bar to help create an additional dining area.

What sizes do we stock?

Our metal bar stools range in size and can be 46cm, 66 cm, or 76 cm which are perfect for grouping around a standard height café table, a bar counter, and a poseur or dry bar table. We also have stools with adjustable seats, including our Detroit stool which takes its inspiration from the Turner industrial stool. This adds a pretty cool retro vibe to an industrial-style café.

How do I match the right metal bar stools to my café or bar?

Most of our customers depend on the style they want first and then match the colour of the stool to their décor. If you’re looking for a stool range that comes in many different colours, then our replica Tolix stools fit the bill nicely. These come in a variety of metallic hues, black and white, as well as bold bright colours including orange, yellow, red, sky blue, and apple green.

Do your stools need assembly?

The majority of our metal bar stools are supplied ready assembled although you may need to fit a backrest to some of the styles. In many cases, we have included a video showing you how to assemble your stool so you can evaluate the level of difficulty.

We recommend you measure the height from your table, counter, or bar to the floor before purchasing any of our metal bar stools. Also consider how much use it is likely to get and whether you need a stool for indoors, outside, or both. Stools with padded seats probably aren’t the best choice for outdoor use and may not always be a necessity for indoor stools, unless you want to encourage your customers to linger longer.

Why not browse our online store and discover your metal bar stools options. Alternatively, to see our stools up close and to try them out yourself, you’re welcome to drop by our showrooms located in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. We’d love to see you there.