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Metal Shelves – Practical Organisation in the Kitchen

metal shelves

Metal shelves in your kitchen help you organise your stock and see at a glance where everything is. How often have you found yourself ordering ingredients you didn’t need because you couldn’t find them in your kitchen?

Here at Café Solutions, we stock a wide range of café equipment including heavy-duty metal shelves for the kitchen. Our freestanding metal shelving comes in a variety of dimensions so you can pick the one that’s most suited to your needs.

In any café or restaurant, space comes at a premium which is why it’s so important to make the right shelving choice. Having the right shelving in your kitchen improves workplace safety. Units with too much stock on them can cause items to protrude which can be a potential hazard for yourself and your staff. Storing items too high can also be a problem since large items will be a strain to lift and could potentially cause the unit to tip over. For this reason, it’s best to organise a manageable section in the middle where you can store most of the ingredients you use on a daily basis.

Benefits of a modular shelving      

The best storage solution is one which gives support to your workflow and lets you easily take stock of your inventory. If you’re struggling with over-stock then perhaps it’s time to review your storage space.

The 3 most important considerations when it comes to shelving are hygiene, durability, and efficiency, and thankfully our modular kits tick all these boxes.

Supremely stainless modular shelving

These high-quality modular kits can be customised to suit your specific needs and leave room for extension. Kits like these are the perfect choice when you’re just starting out and you’re not totally sure how much shelving you need.

Furthermore, if you’re planning on setting up several shelving systems for your stock, it’s good to know that you can benefit from spares and interchangeable parts for the kits.

Modular storage can grow and change as your business expands and your needs become different. The Supremely Stainless metal shelving needs no tools to construct and is easy to assemble and configure to your exacting needs.

Made from black epoxy coated steel these units are ideal for use in walk-in freezers and cold storage since they are resistant to moisture, corrosion, and humidity. The metal shelves are constructed from industrial-strength steel wire and can hold up to 120 kgs.

Make your kitchen a more hygienic, efficient area, and maximise your floor space with Supremely Stainless modular shelving. The metal shelves are easy to clean and help you identify your ingredients at a glance.

Find out more about Supremely Stainless heavy duty shelving by visiting our online store.