Outdoor Stools – The Must Have Accessory For Your Establishment

outdoor stoolsIf you have any outdoor space, outdoor stools are a must-have for any bar, restaurant or café. Perhaps more so in the spring and summer, when the industry is at its busiest. Nevertheless, when turning a profit is tough, being able to maximise your seating capacity using outside bar stools is key.

Unlike café chairs, stools don’t generally take up as much room. This means that you can get more of them around a table if necessary, or alternatively, pair them with a small round table – ideal for slotting in those awkward spaces, areas or corners where your conventional table and chairs won’t go.

The good news is that outdoor stools come in a number of heights and can range from smaller café height stools, through to counter and bar height stools. Therefore, finding the right stool to group around a tall barrel table for instance, or to fit under a standard café-height table shouldn’t be too hard to do. That said, there are some criteria, you might want to follow…

Make sure that your outdoor stools are commercial-grade

While it might be tempting to buy residential-grade furniture because of the costs involved, you should remember that outdoor stools of this nature aren’t designed to withstand the rigours of a busy establishment, let alone be left outside for weeks at a time. As a result, you’ll probably end up buying a second lot of stools to replace the first lot which has now broken, faded or warped.

Conversely, commercial-grade stools have been rigorously tested to withstand not only lots of wear and tear but also everything the Australian weather throws at them.

Buy the right size

As obvious as it sounds, how frustrating is it to start unpacking your newly arrived furniture only to discover it’s either too big or too small for the tables you intended them to fit under? So if you are going to opt for a small table stool or a tall bar height stool, ensure you know which corresponding table fits which stools.

To arm or not to arm?

Some outdoor stools come with arms and some don’t. As such you should be aware that while stools with arms are more in tune with what your customers might want – think comfort – they can take up more space than outdoor stools without arms. When space may be at a premium, this is a fact worth considering.

If you have any outside space whatsoever, then outdoor stools are a key element when it comes to turning a profit. Thankfully, here at Café Solutions, we offer a good range of outdoor stools which are available for you to browse and buy. Why not visit our website today and see for yourself.